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NLRB Issues Final Ambush Election Rule

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Icon Blog 2On December 12, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) published its final ambush election rule which was first proposed in 2011. In February, the NLRB reissued the rule for public comment. The rule is slated to become effective April 14, 2015.  more...

No Need to Go to the Movies to Enjoy 3D

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Remember from our childhood, when watching 3D movies consisted of those flimsy glasses with red and blue lenses, and the subsequent headaches?

It’s fascinating that despite all the technological advances and innovations in the film and home theatre industries over the past couple of decades, 3D imagery is still a desired appointment. Movie producers are still making 3D movies, and high-end television and home theatre manufacturers are still offering products with 3D capabilities (and better glasses). more...

IRS Targets Nontraditional Activities

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In recent months, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun focusing on nontraditional income for 501 (c)(7) tax-exempt clubs in examinations and Private Letter rulings. In a PLR released on Friday, December 12, the IRS revoked the tax-exempt status of a social club who had incurred significant nontraditional income, apart from its core mission as a social club.  more...

The Controller’s Perspective on Club Life

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12_16_2014_175wIn the corporate world, the accounting department usually looks a lot like most of the other divisions in the company and the financial professionals who manage it blend in pretty well. From the C-Suite to the worker bees, people who work in corporations are typically business-focused, primarily at a desk behind a computer screen… standard stuff. more...

Court Strikes Down Private Wage Surveys for H-2B Visa Program

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Icon Blog 2On December 5, the Third Circuit of the US Court of Appeals overruled the use of private wage surveys in the determination of wages for H-2B visa workers. In its decision, the court cited the negative effects of the use of these surveys on both employers and employees. more...

Evolving Your Legislative Coverage

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Icon Blog 2It is hard to keep up to date with all of Congress’s actions. With the hectic and frantic schedule of the club management professional in mind, CMAA is trying to make it easier to understand the actions affecting you and your club. more...

Wow Your Club’s Members This Holiday Season Without Spending a Nickel

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12_10_14_175wMy father always told me “Protect your credit!” When I asked him the significance of doing so, he said “Credit is better than money. You can always get more credit!”

In our recovering economy, protecting your credit and protecting your money are both important. It is equally important to protect your current relationships with your club’s members, guests and staff. more...


Wellness Programs, the EEOC and the ADA

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Icon Blog 2In recent months, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed lawsuits against two US companies for the manner in which they administered and executed employee wellness programs. According to research conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the majority of employers now offer some sort of wellness program - 94 percent of employers with more than 200 workers, and 63 percent of smaller ones. more...

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