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LeaderShift - Three Ways Leaders Should Connect and Stop Communicating

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Heard of the adage “communication is the key to success in life”? As true as that has proven to be, when it comes to the business world, communication alone just doesn’t cut it! For leaders and executives in particular, along with communication, one needs another ability to complement their message for it to have maximum impact, whether it is on customers or employees; and that is the ability to connect! more...

The Fine Art of Course Utilization

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2_24_15_175wThis matter recently came up with a private club client of ours that boasts a strong membership and excellent facilities. Access to the course is plentiful. By capping membership at a pre-determined level, that ready access is preserved. Indeed, it’s one of the things the membership is willing to pay for. more...

House Passes Permanent Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements

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Leg BlogOn February 12, the House of Representatives passed HR 641 – the Conservation Easement Act of 2015 as part of the America Gives More Act of 2015 (HR 644). Introduced by Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA), HR 641 would alter the 1986 tax code by making the tax incentive for qualified conservation easement permanent. more...

Pebble Beach

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02_19_15_175wIn our lives there are deadlines and commitments. There are responsibilities. There are some things that we have to do and perhaps we wish we didn’t have to do them. There are some tasks that we dread. There are some places we would rather not be. There are some people we would rather not be with. more...

Looking at Your Club’s Safety Issues from Afar

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2_17_15_175wOne of the pleasures of my job is being invited to spend time behind the scenes at clubs. Normally it is only the staff that does the day-to-day running around behind the scenes at the club and when I am your club, I always enjoy seeing the operations through “my safety eyes.” more...

Resolutions…. Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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2_10_15_175wEach year, roughly half of all Americans (up from a quarter during the Great Depression) set their sights on their New Year's Resolutions. It's an old tradition. The origin of the New Year's Resolution reportedly comes from the Babylonians making promises to the gods in exchange for good favor in the coming year. In the Medieval Era, the knights often took a post-Christmas vow to re-commit themselves to chivalry (something many of us should consider). more...

The Cure for Capital Starvation: A Proactive Approach to Capital Income

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02_4_15_175wYou know it when you see it. A private club facility that looks tired and out-of-date can leave you with the feeling that the club’s leadership either doesn’t care or can’t afford to make improvements. It’s not an impression anyone wants to make on current or prospective members. Unfortunately for many clubs, in today’s sluggish membership market, the flow of initiation fees typically used to fund capital improvement projects has become extremely inconsistent and unpredictable. more... 


Putting Your Best Image (Face) Forward, From First Contact to Follow-Up

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 06_17_14There are so many aspects to putting your “best image forward.” In our club’s catering departments, it includes the professionalism of the sales team, collateral materials, websites, communication (both verbal and written), quality and presentation of your food and beverage, event execution and follow-up. more... 

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