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OSHA Explains Reporting Rule for Amputations and Sight Loss

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Leg BlogOSHA’s new reporting requirements became effective January 1. Now clubs are required to notify OSHA of work-related fatalities within eight hours, and work-related in-patient hospitalizations, amputations or losses of an eye within 24 hours. Previously, employers were not required to notify OSHA of these types of injuries. more...

At Your Clubs Use the Right Words To Get The Right Results

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At your clubs, when dealing with difficult people, knowing how to say what you want is essential. Some may argue that as long as you have good intentions and seem sincere, the other side will adhere and respect you. They will not. Some people lack the ability to recognize sincerity and will judge you only by what you say. more...

Why Clubs Are Cool

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1_22_15_175wI was lucky enough to spend four days with more than 140 students from 18 hospitality schools across the country at CMAA’s National Student Education Conference in November. Some of the students were certain that they were going transition into the private club business while others were undecided and were considering the hotel, resort and restaurant industries. more...

Congress Challenges Health Care Reform

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Leg BlogWith the change in power in the Senate, a new session of Congress and a group of newly-elected Congressmen, there are multiple new bills that challenge the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  more...

Don’t Forget to Post Your 300A Illness Injury Summary in February

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Leg BlogOSHA is reminding employers of their responsibility to post the club’s Form 300A from February 1 through April 30, 2015. The OSHA Form 300A summarizes the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred during the 2014 year. more...

Résumés: Does It Have to be Truthful or Is There a Creative Leeway?

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1_20_15_175wLewis Thomas III once claimed on his résumé that he held a Ph. D and had notable former employers, such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Once he claimed to be a school principal, where in fact he was just a teacher at the time. more...

Coaching Tools for Raising Your Game!

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1_15_15_175wThere are times in life when people may naturally be thinking about a course correction or a change in the way they are doing things. We see it happening for a lot of people at the beginning of a new calendar year or at the end of busy season. People consider changing their game when they get a new job, approach retirement, get married, have a baby or buy a home. more...

SWOT’ing at Nature—Part One

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1_13_15_175wAs a club manager, you’ve likely led your members (with the board at the helm) through the development of a strategic management plan or a review and revision to an existing strategic management plan. As any MBA student would tell you, a strategic management plan is intended to be a living document that provides a sense of who you are as a club and what you’re striving to be (vision and mission). more...

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