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Personal Service with a Brilliant Touch

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We have often heard that customer service is really common sense. However, brilliant customer service isn’t always common. In fact, as emotional beings we tend to remember uncommon, unique and unquestionably exquisite experiences that take our breath away. It is these rare occasions that become locked in our minds. more...

Keeping it “Green” in the Club Catering and Special Event Industry

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11_18_14_175wIn the last few years, we have seen the dramatic rise of “green” and eco-friendly trends and practices in the special events industry, and how this is translating to our club’s catering departments. As predicted, it is no longer a “trend” - it really is a “lifestyle”, and as we know, our clubs are all about the lifestyle! It is fitting that we should adopt as many of these forward-thinking green lifestyle elements into events we are hosting at the club. more..

USPTA’s National Education Day Brings Learning to Your Pros

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11_13_14_175wWhen USPTA launched its new membership structure at the beginning of this year, one of the changes was the implementation of mandatory continuing education. Our association has a renewed commitment to our mission of “elevating the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches” that spearheaded this initiative. more...

Give Compliments That Create Change

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11_11_14_175wRemember the last time you did something really well? You anticipated a huge compliment that was oozing with appreciation and all you received was a low key “Thanks.”
How motivated did you feel about going out and doing it again? How aware was the other person of the time, effort, and sacrifice put into it?  more...

Outside Influence

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 11_6_14_175wHospitality, mixed-use, commercial and retail design shifts reflect changing lifestyles. Will clubs follow suit? 
We often think of our clubs as oases separate from much of our everyday lives. In here, we’re away from the office, the shopping mall, the incessant checking of smart phones, the chatter of the masses. For those who plan, design and manage clubs, however, there is a risk of becoming too insular.   more...

I Have Decided!

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11_04_14_175wIt is a great moment for a coach when we hear our client utter these three words.  It is powerful, accountable language that usually signifies the beginning of a big change.  

Of course, some people have an aversion to change, but they are not usually the ones that seek out coaching.  To too many people, change is considered to be hard and they believe it takes a lot of time. more...

Is Your Employment Practices Liability Insurance Covering the Right Risks?

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10_30_14_175wWhile no employer is immune from employment-related lawsuits, particularly in a sluggish economy, the hospitality industry faces unique, yet recurring, challenges in terms of employment-based claims – and thus is particularly reliant on employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). Because the hospitality industry is among the leaders in workplace diversity, discrimination claims based on race, gender, religious beliefs and sexual orientation are commonplace. more...

Overcoming Sustainability Fatigue-Part Two: Don’t Take My Word for It

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10_28_14_175wIn last month’s “Back of the House” blog, I talked about a common ailment known as “Sustainability Fatigue.” As I said, in recent survey of club managers a mere 4.4 percent responded that “sustainability just wouldn’t be a club industry priority.” more...

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