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Are Listening Skills –and Decent Customer Service—Lost in this Generation’s Fresh Graduates?

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Here’s a typical scene every time I go through a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru:
Me: One medium hot latte with skim milk
Crew: Okay, would you like it hot or cold?
Me: Hot (okay…he’s too young to be deaf)
Crew: Whole or skim milk?
Me: Skim milk (getting impatient here…)

Every. Single. Time.  And that was just a single item order.  

What is it with kids these days? Are they even taking their summer job seriously? Yes I know internships and summer jobs pay barely minimum wage but it’s not just about the money. Sadly, this realization is lost on so many young employees. more...

The Golf Experience Index: What’s Your Score? By Russ Conde

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The experience of a round of golf can take on endless dimensions. Some days you may struggle through four hours of intense frustration and leave the course wondering why you play the game at all. Other times, you find yourself enjoying the Zen-like experience of being "in the zone." The mental experience is only one aspect of a golf round, but it’s undoubtedly the one that keeps us all coming back for more.
One perspective that a player typically does not consider, but those of us in the club management business should be aware of, is the value of the golf experience. What does it really cost to deliver that four-hour slice of club life? And if members are bringing guests out to experience the course, how does the cost of that experience compare to the price they actually pay for it—aka green fees? more...

The Labor of Labor – Three Profit Leaks

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10_16_14_175wPicture this: Some of your employees may leave a few minutes early for lunch or perhaps return a few minutes late. Some may punch in early but are not eligible to be paid until their scheduled time and they are paid based on their punch. It happens.  more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part Four

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10_14_14_175wControlling the technical risks
Before you undertake the task of addressing today’s advanced threats, make sure you first tackle the basics. Evaluate your baseline security system, including patching, access control, segregation of duties, inventory and asset control. In essence, don’t try to build the roof before you’ve laid the foundation.  more...

USCIS Launches E-Verify Portal for Employees

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On October 6, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the launch of a new E-Verify portal designed specifically for use by employees. Called myE-Verify, the portal  gives employees a free and secure way to participate in the E-Verify process by accessing features dedicated for employees, including: more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part 3

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10_8_14_175wIn our first two installments of this four-part series on emerging security threats, we examined how the evolving hacker model could affect the cyber security of Club organizations. In the third and fourth installments, we take a closer look at how cybercriminals are targeting new technologies like social media, as well as outline specific technical solutions for combating these growing threats. more...

Stop Sounding Dumb by Stop Saying, “Um”

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10_07_14_175wUm, ok, well if you, uh, talked like this all of the, um, time, you have probably missed out on opportunities do present yourself at your professional best.  Want to stop sounding dumb? Stop saying “um”!

I call the utterance of “um” verbal filler.  It’s verbal because “um” goes beyond nonverbal communication (body language and voice).  I call “um” filler because it just fills up air space and talk time without bringing any value or credibility to you as a professional.  “Um” is used as a place-saver or validation. more...

EPA Grants Three-Year Extension for Use of Nemacur to October 2017

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Based on a request from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that golf courses will have a three-year extension to use and deplete their stocks of existing pesticide fenamiphos (Nemacur). Prior to the October 1 announcement in the Federal Register, all stocks would need to have been used or disposed of by October 6, 2014.  This extension amends the previous 2011 deletion and product cancellation order.

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