CMAA University


CMAA University is a web-based platform that allows 24/7, on-demand access as an additional educational resource for CMAA members to earn credits. Credits can count toward the requirements for the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation, the Certification Maintenance Requirement, Honor Society and Master Club Manager (MCM) eligibility. It is done at your pace and on your schedule.

CMAA University Features Access to:

  • Recordings of recent expert-led webinars covering the latest issues and topics in club management as well as the schedule of upcoming webinars
  • Subject matter expert-led courses from leading industry experts such as Jarod Nichols, Mitch Stump, Mark Jeffries, Shep Hyken, Dr. Tony Alessandra and many others.. 

  • The updated, interactive Manager in Development program.
  • CMAA Certificate Programs that are designed to increase member knowledge in individual competency areas.
  • Recording of Conference Education for conference attendees.
  • Training courses on a wide range of topics such as food safety, human resources, leadership, risk management and wellness are complimentary as part of your membership.

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CMAA members who joined the association prior to 6/1/14 can login using their CMAA member number and birthdate (MMYYYY).

CMAA members who joined the association after 6/1/14 can login using their CMAA member number and LastnameBirthyear (Smith1979).

CMAA recommends these technology tips for CMAA members and clubs using the platform.

Revolutionizing Employee Training

Not only can you use this incredible system to develop your own education and skills, but you can also use it to train and educate your staff and track, measure and monitor all of it, in real-time. Learn more now.