Excellence in Education Still a Value

CMAA is committed to offering to its members the most up-to-date and cutting edge information, as well as the most affordable education. The cost of the five-day Business Management Institute courses continue to be offered at rates significantly lower than other industry three- and five-day executive education programs. CMAA's Education Department continually monitors the costs of these programs to ensure that all of the BMI programs continue to be the best value when it comes to club managers’ professional development needs.

• CMAA Business Management Institute
        Five-day Courses 
        $2,000 - $2,950

• Harvard Executive Education
        Five-Day Course 
        $7,500 - $12,500

• Center for Creative Leadership
        Five-Day Courses 
        $6,900 - $11,600

• Dale Carnegie Courses
        Two-Day Courses 
        $1,595 - $1,695

• Cornell University School of Hospitality Administration
        Two-Day to 11-Day Courses 
        $1,945 - $13,950

• American Management Association
        Two-Day to Five-Day Courses 
        $1,695 - $3,445

• University of Notre Dame
        Six-Day Course 

• Ritz Carlton Leadership Center
        One Day to Five-Day Courses 
        $1,800 - $4,500