Agility Recovery


 Are you prepared to recover your club facility following a disaster? What if your club had an interruption of business the day before a big wedding or party? How fast do you think you could return to normal club operations? 



The Agility Recovery ReadySuite is a new benefit exclusively available to PCS Standard and Library subscribers. This simple solution addresses the typical high-cost, high-frustration factor associated with business continuity planning. This service is an online, turn-key business continuity plan that is annually updated.  

Agility will deliver whatever you need to recover your club from a disaster or interruption. The ReadySuite provides you with: 

  • Power – Emergency generators station across North America 
  • Space – Numerous options to fit your club needs, including commercial, retail and mobile office space 
  • Technology – Up to 48 computers, five Intel servers, three tape drives, printers and fax machines ready for express delivery 
  • Connectivity – Satellite connectivity to restore phone and Internet service 

Already in use by many major companies in the US, this is the type of service which provides you peace of mind so that you can focus on your members, your employees and your own family. One call to Agility and you will be able to manage effectively and efficiently.

This service retails for $6,000 annually. However, CMAA has negotiated exclusive access to this program through Premier Club Services (PCS). Learn more about the value of a club subscription to PCS. For as little as $550 annually, your club will have access to this product in addition to more than 30 other beneficial resources. Learn more about the value of a subscription to PCS on PCS Online.

ATTENTION:  Agility Recovery ReadySuite: ENROLLMENT REQUIRED (Please download the Enrollment Form and return to CMAA Headquarters)

The Agility Recovery ReadySuiteTM is included as an added benefit to all current Standard and Library subscribers who are located in the continental US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

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