Overtime Rules FAQs

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The final rules have been announced, and there are major changes to the overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, beginning December 1, 2016. Find out what is in the final rules, the expected impact to the industry and how your club will need to comply. Since the announcement, CMAA has been flooded with questions from members across the country. CMAA has compiled answers to your top questions on the new rules and provided general information based on published DOL guidance.

Here is a sampling of our top questions: 

  • How do I determine how this will impact an employee at my club?
  • We are only open eight months a year? How does this impact us?
  • Do I have to make my exempt employees clock in and out?
  • What options do I have for compliance? Can I “legally” make someone hourly who has previously been exempt? 
  • Can I offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay? What about other fringe benefits?

For an overview of the rule changes, check out the recent webinar “Final Overtime Regulations: What They Are and How to Deal With Them” on CMAA University. Once you are signed in to CMAA University, you can find the recording and the PDF of the PowerPoint presentation under the CMAA Member Education carousel, Archived Webinars category and External & Governmental Influences Webinars.

Review the complete FAQs

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