OSHA Anti-Retaliation Regulations Effective December 1

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As we reported in May, OSHA has instituted new anti-retaliation protection provisions in conjunction with new reporting requirements. The rule prohibits all employers from discouraging workers from reporting a work-related injury or illness. 

The final rules regarding anti-retaliation were originally slated to become effective August 10, but were delayed until December 1, 2016, in an effort by OSHA to provide more compliance information to employers. 

The rule does not ban appropriate disciplinary, incentive or drug-testing programs. However, it allows OSHA to issue citations for retaliatory actions against workers when these programs are used to discourage workers from exercising their right to report workplace injuries and illnesses. Employers should review their current reporting procedures, programs and policies for elements that may result in retaliatory actions against an employee for reporting an injury or illness.

Review this helpful compliance information including sample scenarios to ensure your club’s safety programs are on target. 

  • Disciplinary Programs
  • Incentive Programs
  • Drug Testing Programs

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