Leader, Don’t Forget to Lead!

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In the year 2000 we started coaching leaders in the club management industry. We have coached leaders who have just lost their jobs, we have coached leaders who are being interviewed for new jobs, we have coached leaders who are at the top of their game and we have coached leaders who are facing some inevitable challenges that arise in an exciting and very personal profession. 

When we look at the successes and failures of people in the industry, we believe that it is probably a very small percentage that does either with a lack of knowledge of how to lead. We have observed that it is more likely people fail, slow down or limit their success when they or someone critical to the organization forgets to lead. 

Leader, Don’t Forget to Lead!

How many times have you come out of a seminar and heard someone say “I already knew that”? It is the old knew it vs. do it problem. Knowing how to lead is not the same as leading. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. It is the opportunity to bring the best out in many to get an Extraordinary result for the organization and the people in it. It is a chance to energize, inspire, dream, create and expand, yet when we forget to lead all of the opposite things can happen.

Why Do Leaders Forget to Lead?

  • They learned to manage first so they default to management
  • There are so many distractions that can take them in other directions
  • They forget that everyone is watching
  • They start to believe their success is about them and not the people they lead and serve
  • They can’t say “no” to the unimportant things
  • They convince themselves that they know it all
  • They are more comfortable telling vs. asking
  • They are too busy defending 

Some leaders reading this list will relate to every item on the list. Even the most successful leaders may recognize something on the list that applies to them right now. This article is not intended to be a criticism of you as a leader, but rather a reminder that there are a lot of things that can get in the way of you performing as the leader who can make a profound difference in the organization that you lead and in the lives of people you are privileged to lead.

Leaders manage things and they lead people. They manage budgets, schedules, inventories, assets, but they lead people. How do you like it when someone manages you? You know, when someone needs to show you that they know better than you do. They want to tell you what to do rather than set a vision for what they want and ask how you will take them there. It may make you feel like they don’t understand your skills, your knowledge and your commitment. Do you ever find yourself doing that to others?

A key to being a great leader is helping everyone you lead understand the power of accountability. Every person in the organization is accountable for their part in making it successful. It is like developing a community of leaders. This flies in the face of the concept of being the boss and would be uncomfortable for many. The boss thinks accountability is what you set up to punish or fire someone. The leader thinks of accountability for every individual is something to empower and develop someone. 

A Reminder for All of Us About Leadership

Leaders Have Followers! Sure it is possible to have people follow you because you have the title that implies that they should. True leaders don’t need the title. People follow them because they believe in them. They believe in what is important to them. They want to be like them and perhaps one day they would like to be in their position.

Leaders Have Character! Leaders live to a high set of principles and standards. They do the right thing even when nobody is watching. They behave the way they would hope there people would behave. They care about others. They care about the truth. They are powerful with their words and their actions. They know how to lead and they remember to lead.

Leaders are Learners! You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Leaders are reading, listening, developing and constantly improving. Leaders challenge their people to do the same and provide the resources to do so.

Leaders are Visionaries! They dream, they look forward, they see what is possible when others see the obstacles. They challenge their people to dream and innovate. They don’t care where the best ideas come from they just want to inspire and access the best ideas.

Leaders are Communicators! They articulate the vision. They paint a vivid picture of where the organization is going. They care about how their message lands. They ask powerful questions. They listen to the answers. They hear what is said and what is not said. They listen without memory, judgement and desire to make sure the truly hear what is being said. They communicate to build up vs. knock down.

Leaders are Coaches! They care about the success of the team and they care about the success of the players on the team. They display this and it is also displayed by the leaders they lead. Everyone needs to know their roles; everyone needs to perform it to the best of their ability. Everyone needs to share in the successes and the failures. Everyone needs to learn from both.

Leaders Lead Themselves! Leaders know that they are imperfect. Leaders have humility and they are willing and insistent on looking in the mirror to make sure they are the example they want to be. Leaders are willing to get support on being the best they can be. Leaders don’t point at others as the problem, they look within first.

Your organization, your department, your family, your life and the world are all waiting for your leadership. Don’t forget! 


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