June 2017: The CCM: A Global Brand

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 06.13.17 Jeff in China

Since joining CMAA just under three years ago, I have been part of club management events in several countries. Our core focus areas of CMAA – professional development, peer-to-peer interaction, and information sharing – are each a global focus for club management professionals. The value of CMAA around the world, specifically the value of holding the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation, is a strong anchor worldwide.

Last year, I attended and spoke at the Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) conference. While many club managers attend CMAA events, CSCM also has a solid offering in Canada. Canadian club managers have a similar focus to their American counterparts. They value the CCM designation and have the most CCMs outside of US managers. We recently worked with CSCM to modify the exam to strengthen the CCM’s value by adding questions that are specific to Canadians in the areas of external and governmental influences, accounting and finance, and human and professional resources.   

Last year we also held a BMI International in London. I was able to better understand club management while there and learn from our European club management professionals. The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) is a strong CMAA partner. They have invested deeply in the CCM and just recently hosted their 50th BMI program. It was great to compare and contrast clubs and club management in and around London. As you might expect, managers in both Canada and throughout Europe have similar challenges to managers in the US. This might help you to understand why holding the CCM is a great way for managers inside and outside the US to show their professional skills and dedication to the club management profession.

I visited mainland China and Hong Kong in May for a mix of vacation and CMAA business travel. It was incredibly rewarding to be the keynote speaker to a group of 200-plus club management professionals in China as well as terrific to lecture in a BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer class alongside Richard Bruner and Dr. Jack Ninemeier. I am so impressed with the focus and dedication of club management professionals in China. China has some unique challenges as clubs and golf continue to develop, but the managers with the CCM designation are at the top of their profession there. It looks like we should have a good contingent of Chinese attending our World Conference in San Francisco to celebrate a brand new class of Chinese CCMs! While in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to attend part of their conference as well.

It was great to see several city clubs as part of the conference club tour and talk to many managers. It’s clear that managers there share the same purpose for belonging to their local association as CMAA members do in the US.

While I haven’t yet been a part of club management visits to countries like South Africa, Southeast Asia, Colombia and New Zealand, the CCM programs in these areas, along with regular BMI programs, are prospering. So as I end this month, I want you to know that I have personally observed that the CCM is a global brand and CMAA is recognized around the world.  This doesn’t happen without global partners focused on professional development involved in producing BMI programs and helping their members obtain and retain the CCM. We appreciate all of these groups and we are also honored to have so many non-US managers attend CMAA’s annual signature club management event – that’s why it is the World Conference!

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Posted by Karen Woodie at 06/13/2017 01:40:56 PM