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2013 Compensation and Benefits Report

Report analyzes compensation data critical to club management.

2013 Finance and Operations Report

Report analyzes finance and operations critical to club management.

2013 Policies and Procedures Report

Report analyzes Leadership and Committees, Strategic Planning and Member-Related Policies at clubs.

Accounting For Club Operations

This resource explains how accounting concepts apply to specific club operations.

All CMAA Certification Resources

All CMAA Certification Resources available for a discount.

An Anthology on Club Management

Presents a collection of articles and advice from top fellow club managers, ranging on topics from developing a social membership marketing plan to capital asset management.

Board Member Orientation

Helps your club clarify its club's mission, identify the leadership's vision, the board's role in policymaking, and the general governance of the club.

Board Resource Manual

Provides you with a step-by-step process for completing a comprehensive orientation for new directors.

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