Premier Club Services

In 1993, The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) founded Premier Club Services (PCS) to address club managers’ requests for products and services aimed at overall club operations. A Premier Club Services subscription provides you, your staff and your board of directors with the best tools in the private club industry to help you conquer any of the challenges you face.

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2013 Compensation and Benefits Report
The 2013 Compensation and Benefits Report is now available. PCS subscribers, please login to access the report.

Are Interested in the Club DNA Program?

Have ClubSolutionsSM remind you prior to your insurance renewal date about the Club DNA Program by filling out this short form. The Club DNA Program offers broad insurance coverage and access to a suite of cutting-edge tools and resources including the cornerstone, a custom-designed facility management software to increase your club’s operational efficiency.

Agility Recovery ReadySuite
The Agility Recovery ReadySuite is a benefit exclusively available to PCS subscribers. This service will provide the resources necessary to continue operations should you experience any business interruption. The Agility Recovery ReadySuite also provides clubs with the tools to create a comprehensive preparedness plan. Learn more.