CMAA Surveys

Participate in CMAA Surveys for Richer Industry Data
Strong annual survey participation by all CMAA member-managed clubs is a key component of CMAA's ongoing effort to advance professionalism in the club industry. We encourage every CMAA-member-managed club to contribute their data which fuels club industry research.

Last year from YOUR data we learned:  

  • Total Operating Revenue increased 3 percent at the median
  • 75 percent of clubs increased full member dues by 2 percent or more in fiscal year 2013
  • 78 percent of CMAA member-managed clubs have golf
  • CCMs holding the highest position at a club make 18 percent more than someone not certified
  • The total direct economic impact of CMAA member-managed clubs is estimated at $21 billion
  • Approximately 160,000 people are employed full-time, year-round by the club industry

This year we've made it easier than ever to participate with a FREE secure upload of your club’s financial data. All you have to do is email a trial balance file. To simplify entry of non-financial data, prior year participants can use the "Copy Forward" feature. Just login to your account, choose the non-financial section you want to update, click "Copy Prior Year" and edit as needed.

Plus, all participants receive one Association Activity Credit AND complimentary copies of the reports.

Participate before the June 5, 2015 deadline!

Confidentiality of your data is guaranteed. Any data you contribute will only be presented in an aggregated format.
CMAA conducts industry surveys in collaboration with Club Benchmarking to benefit CMAA members and the club industry. The surveys are compiled into various reports which provide detailed information based on survey data. 

In 2014, CMAA and Club Benchmarking have released the following reports:

The current Finance and Operations Report, Compensation and Benefits Report and Policies and Procedures Report are available electronically through Club Benchmarking. Survey participants, Premier Club Services subscribers and Club Benchmarking subscribers receive a complimentary copy of the report. Each report costs $350 for members and $500 for non-members through Club Benchmarking.

The Economic Impact Report presents the most up-to-date statistics on the club industry as it relates to the economy. Our most recent report was produced in 2014. This report is available for free to CMAA members and non-members below.
Economic Impact Report – free to CMAA members and non-members

Club Benchmarking Service

Club Benchmarking offers a unique and powerful technology platform that enables managers to easily benchmark the financial and operational performance of their club in comparison to peer clubs. This new format is an innovative, game-changing approach to peer benchmarking and comparison. All CMAA members receive a 20 percent discount and Premier Club Services subscribers receive a 30 percent discount off Club Benchmarking services.