CMAA Who We Are


Who We Are 

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the professional Association for managers of membership clubs. CMAA has close to 6,500 members across all classifications. Our manager members operate more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs. The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character; to encourage the education and advancement of members; and to assist club officers and members, through their managers, to secure the utmost in efficient and successful operations. CMAA is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with 30 staff, 45 professional chapters and more than 45 student chapters and colonies.


Brand Promise

CMAA provides its members with the expertise to deliver an exceptional club experience that fulfills the unexpressed needs and desires of its members and guests consistent with their lifestyles. We enhance our members’ success by offering professional leadership development, ethical standards and responsive services.


What We Offer Club Management Professionals 

Professional Development 

CMAA's Lifetime Professional Development Program prepares our members to lead, succeed, innovate, stretch boundaries, expand expertise and create a thriving club environment. Remaining steadfast to our mission and our long tradition of stellar professional development opportunities, CMAA works with a dynamic assemblage of committed, competent and highly regarded educators in the hospitality and club industry to ensure that CMAA members benefit from an authentic academic experience. Each of CMAA’s educational endeavors – inclusive of the Business Management Institutes, webinars and online education available through CMAA University – are developed using the highest academic standards.


Since its inception in 1965, CMAA’s certification has been the most respected certification program in the hospitality industry.

Certified Club Manager (CCM) 

The CCM designation is known as the hallmark of professionalism in club management. It is a valuable and widely respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry. On average, Certified Club Managers earn 25 percent more than their non-certified counterparts.

Certified Chief Executive (CCE) 

The CCE designation was developed to recognize managers who have demonstrated the ability to successfully serve as the most senior management within a club. 

Master Club Manager (MCM) 

The MCM designation is a certification and recognition program for professionals who have made extraordinary, long-lasting contributions to the club industry.

Career Development 

ClubCareers provides online access to the most expansive job opportunity listings and employment resources available in the industry. Management, mid-management, interim and intern positions available through ClubCareers assist both club managers and clubs seeking the right fit for any position. CMAA also offers résumé services, career coaching and additional resources to its members.

Industry-Specific Information, Publications and Research 

The Association offers members the most current and useful information available on club operations and management. Through various resources and publications such as Club Management magazine, the electronic Outlook newsletter, annual research surveys and its comprehensive website, CMAA provides the widest range of club industry resources found anywhere.

World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo

Over the past several years, audiences of nearly 5,000 have attended CMAA’s World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo, which is held in major cities throughout the United States. Members participate in a variety of opportunities, including more than 70 education programs tailored to the 10 core competencies needed for success in the club industry and a two day exposition featuring innovative products and services. To date, this is the largest network gathering of industry


CMAA ClubSolutions provides best practice tools and resources to help club managers become stronger leaders – for exceptional club operations.

In alignment with CMAA's mission to advance the club management profession, we create partnerships with leading club industry organizations to offer CMAA member-managed clubs access to outstanding business solutions.

The two-pronged model offers advisory-based services and products and a club subscription.

Advisory-based services and products:

Club Subscription:


Additional Resources

The Club Foundation

Established by CMAA in 1988 with the mission of raising funds to financially support the professional development of club managers through education, outreach and research
initiatives, The Club Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has distributed funds in excess of $5.5 million to support scholarship and grant programs which benefit students, faculty, club management professionals, CMAA chapters and the industry at large 

• Annually, The Club Foundation provides more than $600,000 to the club industry through grants and scholarships. 

• Since 1988, more than 160 undergraduate scholarships have been awarded totaling nearly $300,000. 

• Each of the 45 current CMAA chapters have received program assistance through a Club Foundation grant. 

• More than 40 percent of the recipients of the Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship have earned their CCM and an additional 36 percent are actively working towards this achievement. 

Corporate Relations 

The Corporate Alliance Program (CAP) is a collaborative effort between CMAA, The Club Foundation and 15 corporate entities who have demonstrated a leadership role within the club industry. Since 2007, these companies have committed more than $8 million to enhance the programming, services and support available to CMAA members, which contributes to the vitality of the club industry and ensures a viable and healthy industry for all. 

Affiliate Program 

The Affiliate Program is open to all businesses providing products, services and information to the club industry. Affiliates enjoy access to a valuable network of potential customers and key decision makers at 3,000 CMAA member-managed clubs. Affiliates also receive industry recognition and up-to-date information as well as special pricing on select CMAA events, products and services.   


Clubs at a Glance 

Club Employees and Members

• Clubs employ 363,000 employees. 

• Club payrolls equal $9.5 billion. 

• Clubs serve between 1.8 and 2.1 million members. 

Club Outreach Programs  

• Clubs hosted an estimated 17,000 charitable golf tournaments in 2013, raising an estimated $150 million for those charities.  

Economic Impact of Clubs  

• The total income for clubs in 2013 was $20 billion. 

• The total direct economic impact for clubs in 2013 was $21 billion, including all tax revenues generated as a result of club activities. 

• Clubs spend $2.8 billion on goods and an additional $2.2 billion on services in their local communities. 

• Clubs as a whole pay $2.5 billion in total taxes; $1.7 billion of which are local and state taxes.  

Statistics based on the 2014 Economic Impact Report, conducted in conjunction with Club Benchmarking