Revolutionizing Employee Training



The all new CMAA University is a web-based, interactive training tool that allows 24/7, on-demand access to industry-leading training and education designed to increase club productivity and profitability.

Not only can you use this incredible system to develop your own education and skills, but you can now use it to train and educate your staff and track, measure and monitor all of it, in real-time! When you purchase access for your club, all employees may choose from more than 150 training courses on a wide range of topics such as risk management, human resources solutions, information technology, leadership and OSHA. Imagine, having your entire staff trained and skilled in the areas that are necessary to help you manage a successful club more easily.

CMAA University’s Club Training Center features allow you to:

  • View how frequently each employee signs in
  • Track each employee's progress by following their course and chapter completion
  • Reward employees by awarding a certificate for course completion
  • Customize the interface by adding your club's logo and image of choice

View this short tour to learn more or sign your club up today!

Please note: CMAA University’s Club Training Center is included in the Club DNA Program and is also available for purchase separately.