Member Communications


CMAA Electronic Member Communications Policy

As a member of CMAA, you will receive pertinent and relevant information from CMAA in a number of ways. Most of the membership outreach that you will receive will be transmitted via e-mail. CMAA strives to make our communications concise and relevant to meet the demands of our members.

On a bi-weekly basis, you will receive:

Outlook – This electronic newsletter is distributed every other Friday and provides the latest CMAA news on professional development, membership benefits, resources, and industry trends and news.

Webinar Invitations –  CMAA's Webinar series is interactive and educational. Invitations to register for the session are generally sent one week prior to the live event. 

On a periodic basis, you will receive:

Just In Time – Delivered via e-mail, Just In Time e-mails include a specific call to action and a deadline for completion. These e-mails are designed to illicit an immediate response and will be sent out to CMAA members as needed. Examples would include a legislative and regulatory alert or an approaching registration deadline.

CMAA Alerts – These e-mails will highlight an issue of major importance and relevance to CMAA’s entire member. Distributed infrequently, these e-mails will include information of which you need to be immediately aware. Examples would include a date change of an annual event or a major industry announcement.

Surveys – CMAA conducts on-going member research through its Research Department and you will receive periodic e-mails requesting your response. Further, CMAA conducts three annual industry research surveys on club finances and operations, compensation and benefits and policies and procedures in conjunction with Club Benchmarking. All participants receive the survey report as a benefit of participation. In addition, there may be sporadic surveys conducted by academics and graduate students who are engaging in research that will benefit the industry.

Club Management magazine – n addition to the print copy you receive in the mail, you will receive an e-mail with the fully interactive online version of the quarterly magazine four times a year. 

If you are a Chapter Officer, National Committee Member, Board Member or Managing Director, you will receive additional communications including the monthly Chapter Digest newsletter and CEO-written Inside View. These electronic publications are specifically designed to inform and educate the Association’s leadership.

If you are a member of the CMAA International Wine Society,
yyou will receive additional communications including the quarterly The Grapevine newsletter and other e-mail announcements.

If your club subscribes to the Club Resource Center or purchases products and services through ClubSolutions,
you will receive additional communications and e-mail announcements regarding your club’s benefits. 
As a member, you are automatically subscribed to these publications and notifications. Each e-mail you will receive will contain an unsubscribe option. Please note that if you choose to unsubscribe to any e-mail that you will cease to receive any future e-mails from CMAA. Opting out will remove you from ALL electronic CMAA correspondence.


Updated 3/3/16