Conference Education


March 8-12, 2015
San Antonio, TX

CMAA's World Conference and the Club Business Expo is attended by audiences of nearly 5,000 and is held annually in major cities throughout the United States. The World Conference fulfills CMAA's mission to provide a variety of relevant education opportunities that reflect the latest trends in the club industry. These include Pre-Conference Workshops, seminars, management clinics, round-table discussions, student programs and keynote addresses by distinguished speakers. CMAA members truly profit from the variety of opportunities available and the many innovative ideas that can be easily implemented in their clubs.

Track Education

First debuted at the 2013 World Conference and Club Business Expo, Conference education sessions are now identified as being in one of three suggested tracks. These tracks help to tailor the Conference educational experience for CMAA members and to help members best select the session which meets their needs. The tracks are suggested levels and Conference attendees are free to attend any session of their choosing. The tracks are:

Pre-Certification: Managers in this track have been in the industry less than seven years and have not received the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation. This track would include assistant managers and/or department heads.

Post-Certification: Managers in this track have been in the industry for longer than seven years. Most of them have obtained the CCM designation and are competent in all ten management competencies. These would include general managers, assistant general managers and clubhouse managers. These managers have extensive experience and have been through a series of education programs and want more in depth information/solutions in their education programming.

Executive Track: These are the top managers within the club industry. Many of these managers have more than 15 years of leading clubs strategically. These would be the CEO, COO or general managers of the club. These managers are in charge/lead of club operations as well as assist in strategic planning and business planning at the club. These managers have attended all of CMAA’s education programs including our executive education programs.

Member-Driven Content

A focus group of CMAA members from across the country assists the Education Department annually in selecting the Conference education sessions. This group is instrumental in assisting the Education Department in selecting relevant sessions from approximately 350 session proposals. The focus group also assists the Education Department in identifying excellent high-profile speaker candidates who are members of their clubs.

Product Councils

First held in 2013, the invitation-only product councils are designed for executive-level managers as well as their peers and mentees. Further councils will be added in 2015. These product councils are manager-led and attendance is required in order to be invited back to future meetings.