Annual Survey Reports
CMAA conducts industry surveys to benefit CMAA members and the club industry. The surveys are compiled into various reports which provide detailed information based on survey data.

Industry Survey Reports 
Produced annually, CMAA’s Industry Surveys address a topic top of mind to managers at the time. The executive summary is complimentary to CMAA members and the corresponding white papers are available as part of the Club Resource Center subscription. In conjunction with the Center for Generational Kinetics and The Club Foundation, CMAA unveiled research uncovering generational attitudes about club memberships, specifically the Millennial demographic in 2016. 

Back of the House
Back of the House is CMAA's first blog. Published biweekly, it is available to all CMAA members with information and advice from industry professionals on relevant club topics and issues. CMAA members are encouraged to submit topics or articles for publication on the blog.

Research Archives

The Research Archives houses resources relevant to the club industry and is available around the clock to meet the needs of club managers.

Club Resource Center
A Club Resource Center subscription provides you, your staff and your board with the tools to help you conquer all of the challenges you are faced with daily at a fraction of the cost.

 Legislative Report Blog 
This weekly blog provides timely information on federal and state legislation, regulations and trends as well as the myriad issues affecting the club industry.

 Legislative Information 
CMAA’s Legislative Information provides information on various issues affecting the club industry and access to the CMAA Watch List, an online tool that allows members to quickly and easily monitor Association-tracked legislation for the federal government and all 50 states.