Professional development is at the center of the CMAA’s mission. CMAA's curriculum is based on ten competency areas covering every aspect of a club manager's job. CMAA's Education Department delivers educational content in a variety of ways through five-day university based Business Management Institute (BMI) programs, chapter-based programs, Conference education and webinars. CMAA's education programs are part of its certification program. The Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation is the center-piece of this program.

Business Management Institutes - BMI Programs
CMAA University
Club Management Competency Areas
The CMAA Management to Leadership Model
The Club Governance Model 
     ·   Starting the Certification Process 
     ·   Certified Club Manager (CCM)
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     ·   Certified Chief Executive (CCE)
     ·   Master Club Manager

Understanding CMAA Credits

Additional Educational Opportunities
Scholarships Available Through The Club Foundation

Professional Development Brochure  (pdf)