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OSHA Issues Snow Removal Hazard Alert

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Leg BlogIt is March and the official start of spring is only weeks away. But unfortunately Mother Nature did not receive that notice. With most of the country still suffering through the winter that will not end, OSHA has released a hazard alert for safety during snow removal, specifically from roofs and other elevated surfaces. Read more...

Improve Business Efficiency and Save Time and Money in the Back-of-the-House

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You know the drill: your kitchen manager is going to spend more than 70 hours this week in your club’s full-service restaurant. The vast majority of that 70+ hour work week will most likely be spent putting together food orders, paying multiple vendors, organizing shifts and schedules, double checking invoices and attending to the never ending minutiae of running a restaurant. Read more...

H-2B Visa Program Oversight Remains in Limbo

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Leg BlogRecent conflicting legal decisions have created confusion for the oversight of the H-2B visa program, specifically the program’s labor certification component. The question has come up as the courts debate the multitude of wage and program change rulings in recent years. So will it be the Department of Labor (DOL) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?  Read more...

501(c)(7) Tax-Exempt Club’s Nontraditional Activities

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03_03_175wIs it your 501(c)(7) chef promoting the sale of Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams to members to be consumed off premises? Ask to see their personal copy of GCM 39115. 
Is it your 501(c)(7) dining room manager creating wine tasting events at the club and then promoting the sale of wine to members to be consumed off premises? Ask for their personal copy of Rev. Rul. 68-535.  Read more... 

LeaderShift - Three Ways Leaders Should Connect and Stop Communicating

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02_25_15_175wHeard of the adage “communication is the key to success in life”? As true as that has proven to be, when it comes to the business world, communication alone just doesn’t cut it! For leaders and executives in particular, along with communication, one needs another ability to complement their message for it to have maximum impact, whether it is on customers or employees; and that is the ability to connect! more...

The Fine Art of Course Utilization

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2_24_15_175wThis matter recently came up with a private club client of ours that boasts a strong membership and excellent facilities. Access to the course is plentiful. By capping membership at a pre-determined level, that ready access is preserved. Indeed, it’s one of the things the membership is willing to pay for. more...

House Passes Permanent Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements

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Leg BlogOn February 12, the House of Representatives passed HR 641 – the Conservation Easement Act of 2015 as part of the America Gives More Act of 2015 (HR 644). Introduced by Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA), HR 641 would alter the 1986 tax code by making the tax incentive for qualified conservation easement permanent. more...

Pebble Beach

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02_19_15_175wIn our lives there are deadlines and commitments. There are responsibilities. There are some things that we have to do and perhaps we wish we didn’t have to do them. There are some tasks that we dread. There are some places we would rather not be. There are some people we would rather not be with. more...

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