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In the Name of Customer Service

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Did you know that you are 33 percent more likely to increase someone’s customer service experience by simply saying their name? Like most people, I enjoy hearing someone use my name. It makes me feel appreciated and respected. This is the same feeling I want to give to my customers.

Here are two occurrences when my name was used in both good and bad customer service experiences. Read more...

A Moving Experience!

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7_21_15_175wI feel very privileged that I am given the chance to write articles each month and hopefully express myself in a way that moves or supports or inspires at least one reader. When I am thinking about what I will say in an article, the content might come from what I am learning, or what I am observing, or what an industry or my clients are experiencing. Read more...

Getting Help—Voluntary Environmental Program for Clubs to Consider (Part One)

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7_16_15_175wThis past January I was invited to speak at the Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendent Association’s winter education meeting along with fellow environmentalist Doug Bechtel, Executive Director of Audubon International. The topic was easy, and something Doug and I had been discussing over coffee for the months leading up to the event—the value and return on investment of Voluntary Environmental Programs in the golf and club sector. The session was a hit and launched Doug and I on a path for further collaboration on the topic. Read more...

Building Healthy Clubs

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7_14_15_175wFitness in private clubs is the fastest growing aspect we see happening across the industry. Through our research with surveying over 1,200 clubs (representing more than 1.5 million members and spouses) and our Club Trends publication (co-published with the National Club Association), fitness is looked upon by club members as the third most important activity at clubs behind dining and golf. The latter two activities can vary by age groups, but we have found that fitness is equally important to all age groups. Read more...

The Relevant C’s Community, Creativity, Communications & Culture

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Over the past two decades, Professional Club Marketing Association (PCMA) has continued to research and cultivate sustainable membership solutions. In 2013, we introduced Club 360, a diagnostic process to enhance the club’s relevance and market share. In 2014, we followed in that same path introducing success stories where every department began to engage in redefining its role in driving membership growth, retention, increased usage and increased satisfaction. In 2015, we are reinforcing the redefinition of the private club as we introduce the Relevant C’s. Read more...

Part Two – Can CapEx Protocols Distort Dues Pricing?

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7_9_15_175wA Dangerous Effect on Pricing 

In every metropolitan area, there are top tier clubs that compete with each other for the wealthiest members, a mid-level tier that competes for the next rung of members and a bottom-level tier. Read more...

Is Technology Changing the Culture of the Industry?

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7_2_15_175wThe seven most expensive words in business are: “We have always done it that way.” 

We’ve cited this famous saying before, but it bears repeating, and you don’t want to be the person to use this phrase.

So far in 2015 the Sarbari team has exhibited at the Philadelphia Hospitality Show, The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York and The New England Food Show in Boston. Read more...

Can CapEx Protocols Distort Dues Pricing?

(Accounting and Finance, Membership) Permanent link

Avoiding the Cycle of Capital Dues

Here’s a question that general managers and board members at private clubs nationwide should ask themselves in earnest: How many businesses ignore market pricing in setting the price for their own product? Read more...

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