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Building a Personal Foundation

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 10_13_15 Foundation

If you are going to have a life or a career it might as well be a powerful, stable, Extraordinary one. As leaders it is important to be leaders and human beings that people want to follow and are inspired by. This article is an introduction of a ten part series on the Personal Foundation Program. This is one of the tools that we use to support our clients and is an ideal exercise for people at all levels and stages of their career. Take it on and notice the difference it makes.

The foundation of a building is a great metaphor for the foundation of a person. As architects and engineers design bigger, better, taller buildings the design of the foundation becomes more critical. An amazing, tall superstructure built on a poor and weak foundation is doomed. In personal terms we can rise in our careers, in our lives and in our opportunities but without a strong personal foundation our lives can quickly come crashing down. There are many examples in the news that can illustrate this point.

As a coach, my job is to help people to achieve their goals. I ensure that we do so in a balanced way and therefore often the beginning of the process is to ensure that the personal foundation is intact. To give you an understanding of what a personal foundation is I would like to briefly describe to you the topics we deal with when creating this personal foundation. Read more...

The Safety Guy Almost Got Hit

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I was driving on an Interstate highway and a vehicle started to drift into my lane. Three quick sharp blasts from my horn ensured the driver of the panel van re-aligned his vehicle back in his lane. As I passed and looked into the open side door of the bread delivery truck, I was amazed to see he was leaning into / looking at the phone clutched in his two hands!

Was he texting? Talking? Myopic and looking for directions? Playing a video game? I don’t know what he was doing and contemplated a way to share my displeasure…  Would one think this errant behavior could be changed because another driver alerted him of his potential gaff?  What would his boss say if made aware of his actions?

Years Ago
In 2010, I wrote in article titled Driving while “Intexticated”.  While researching the “Intexticated” article, I spoke with a few experts, looked at related accident data and just dug deeper into the topic.

Now I have to say (in my opinion), drivers have gotten worse in the recent five years. Is it because people desire to be more connected? Is technology making people like Pavlovian dogs and automatically reaching for and looking at their phone when the thing dings?

Recent Related Publications
An electronic article published in May 2015 by Environmental Safety and Health magazine titled Hang It Up! Cell Phones and Car Crashes shared statistics estimating that 27 percent of all crashes are caused by texting/talking on cell phones.

The Hang It Up article also referenced a study done by the National Safety Council (NSC) titled Crashes Involving Cell PhonesRead more...

Getting Help (Part Three): GEO’s OnCourse® Program

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Over the coming months, I will focus on de-mystifying the various Voluntary Environmental Programs available to CMAA members. Each provides different features and value-added elements, and each can be a useful part of any club's environmental management game plan.

An organization that's gained traction and support in Europe in recent years, and has seen interest grow in the United States as well, is Golf Environment Organization (GEO). In the mid-2000s, current Chief Executive Jonathan Smith built on an early-version certification scheme known as "Committed to Green" looking to consolidate and support golf's sustainability agenda through voluntary environmental and social standards, guidance and certification. Since then, GEO has worked to take a more global position in promoting golf’s message as a sustainable sport. Read more...

Can You Reduce Your Club's Real Estate Taxes?

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09.15.15 - TaxesReal estate taxes aren’t just an annoyance — they are an annual expense, the scope of which can sometimes make the difference between a club’s ability to establish positive cash flow versus the many unpleasant things an operating deficit brings. Tax time can be demoralizing and confusing, but it also represents an opportunity for many golf clubs to improve their bottom line through a potential reduction in real estate tax assessments. And, of course, this opportunity is made available each and every year.

As a specialist in assisting clubs in evaluating their real estate assessment, I’d like to offer club managers some insight on the issues to be considered before embarking on this process.

The fundamental elements of a real estate tax calculation are:  Read more...

The Gift of Giving and Receiving!

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08_25_15Have you ever felt like you give a lot but you don't get much in return.  At our lowest of times we might look at it like a balance sheet. On one side you give, give, give, but on the other side it may feel like you don't get, get, get.

In this article I would like to suggest some different ways to think about this topic. The first thought I am putting out for your consideration is "You can’t give without receiving, and you can't receive without giving." Now, some of you may spend some time trying to find examples of this not being true, but I would ask you to spend more time finding examples of it being true. Read more...

Getting Help (Part Two) - Focusing on Birdies: The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

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08_19_2015_175wOver the coming months, I will focus on de-mystifying the various Voluntary Environmental Programs available to CMAA members. Each provides different features and value-added elements, and each can be a valuable part of any club’s environmental management game plan. Read more...

Operational KPIs Take Emotion Out of the Equation

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08_11_15_175wIn Part 1 of our Executive Dashboard series we introduced key questions that club leaders should be asking, the measures that can be used to answer those questions and the first section of the Club Benchmarking Executive Dashboard – key performance indicators related to operating finance. Read more...

Appreciation by Managers Isn’t Enough

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08_04_15_175wMost employee recognition programs place a lot, if not all, of the responsibility for recognizing good work of their team members squarely on the shoulders of managers or supervisions. This is unfortunate and, actually, creates unwanted negative effects. Read more...

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