Transition in Employment


Continuation of CMAA Membership While Unemployed (Per CMAA Bylaws)

A Professional member who is unemployed in club management on November 1, and who is actively seeking employment in the club management profession, may be continued on the membership rolls of the Association for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months without payment of dues. During this continuation, the member will enjoy all other benefits of membership. Reinstatement from Continuation while unemployed is without an administrative fee. This continuation ceases at the time the member is again employed in club management.

Want to Request Continuation Status?
Please send you written request for Continuation Status, including your updated contact information to Sara Thom, manager, Member Communities, after October 31.

Willing to fulfill an Interim Assignment? Add yourself to the Interim Management List

Extraordinary Leader Program Complimentary for Members on Continuation  

Talking Points for Unemployed Managers 

Losing a Job is Traumatic 

Dealing with Feelings and Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude

Taking Charge of Finances 

  • DO lay out a financial plan for the time you'll be job hunting.
  • DO tighten your belt.
  • DO seek additional sources of income.
  • DON'T add to your current debt load.
  • DO consider borrowing from family, if you must borrow.
  • DON'T invade the principal of your savings if you can help it.
  • DO consider bartering for goods and services.
  • DON'T sell your possessions, unless you don't intend to replace them.
  • DO take advantage of support services if you need to.
  • DON'T file bankruptcy except as a last resort.
Setting Goals

Job Hunting

Tapping Resources

Where to Look  

  • CMAA's Career Services
  • CMAA Chapters
  • Help-wanted Columns
  • Online Job Listings
  • Position-wanted Advertisements
  • University Placement Centers
  • Friends, Business Acquaintances and Past Employers
  • Previous Prospective Employers
  • Private Employment Agencies