Setting Goals

Take this opportunity to examine what your goals are. This period may be a temporary setback, a pause before rocketing ahead, or a chance to choose a new direction in life. Explore your strengths, your preferences and your limitations before you set your long-term goals.

You need to examine what you really want before you'll be able to determine the best way to get it. Do a little research on other options, such as a different type of setting (a municipal or resort operation vs. a private club) or a different kind of position (for example, a club manager who specializes in the construction and start-up of new clubs). Check with your local Job Service Center for occupational outlook information and aptitude testing as well as for job listings and counseling.

It's also important to clarify exactly what your skills are. Whether you are interested in looking for a position basically like the job you just left or in taking a new career direction, this process will help you evaluate how well your skills match your goal. You may decide that some additional training is in order. Further training or education not only improves your qualifications, but also puts you where you're most likely to hear of openings. Some programs even have placement services.

Evidence suggests that the main reason some people are more successful than others in their job search is that they have developed a clearly defined and reasonable search focus. They don't look for vaguely defined opportunities, but a specific career match for their desires and abilities.

Long-term goals are vital, but short-term goals are important, too. Set short-term goals that will serve as weigh stations as you move toward your long-term goals. In your current situation, you might want to set your short-term goals on a weekly basis. For example, your goals for this week might be to:

  • Make six applications.
  • Set up two interviews.
  • Call four business contacts for advice, information or referrals.
  • Keep your living expenses below a set limit.
  • Read up on the industry.