Tapping Resources

You can't count on finding a new job solely through the Managerial Openings List (MOL) or newspaper ads, but you can increase your chances by using them the smart way.

Did you know that as many as eight out of 10 jobs come from word-of-mouth contacts? That's why it's very important to develop and maintain a good network of contacts. If you haven't already, make it a habit to:

  • Keep in touch. Send birthday and holiday cards. Clip articles of special interest to colleagues and send along with a short note.  
  • Do favors. If you can help someone, even in a small way, do it. Favors don't have to be big to be appreciated.  
  • Attend CMAA's Annual World Conference, local meeting and workshops. You'll make new contacts and learn some new things, and the idea-exchange environment will spark new ideas of your own.  

It's best to start building your network while you're still working, but it's crucial to use your contacts effectively now that you're unemployed. There are more jobs, and less competition for each, in the "hidden" job market than in the want ads. Networking is the only way to tap this "hidden" job market.