Certified Chief Executive (CCE)


The Certified Chief Executive (CCE) designation was developed to recognize those managers who have shown the ability to successfully serve as the most senior manager in a club. The CCM designation is still the "hallmark of professionalism" within the club industry. The CCE designation is meant to augment the CCM designation, not replace it. 

In order to qualify for the CCE designation, members must:

• Be a Professional or Retired Professional member of CMAA;

• Have achieved the CCM designation;

• Have obtained Honor Society Status;

• Have successfully completed BMI Tactical Leadership and BMI Strategic Leadership;

• Have served as the top executive in a club (i.e., GM, COO, CEO) for a minimum of five years (can be from multiple clubs);

• Submit the CCE Petition Form to CMAA;

• Submit a current résumé documenting their previous positions;

• Submit a notarized CCE Verification Form from their current club president verifying that they have served as the top executive for at least five years (if a member has not been at their current club as the chief executive for five years, a notarized CCE Verification Form is required from their previous club(s) to verify the five-year period); and

• A $75 administrative fee must be included with the CCE Petition. This fee covers the administration and recognition of the CCE designation.

Beginning in 2018, a mentorship component will be required to achieve your Certified Chief Executive (CCE) designation as approved by the former Certification Committee and CMAA Board in 2014. The mentorship component will require managers to either mentor an entry-mid level manager through one specialization of the MID Program on CMAA University or complete a one year documented mentorship.