Chapter of the Year Award

General Entry Information

Each year, all CMAA chapters are automatically entered into this award program. Scores are based on chapter educational efforts and CMAA activities/involvement (from November 1 through October 31). Chapter Presidents are asked to supplement their entries with a Chapter Résumé for additional point value. While the Résumé is not a requirement for entry into the award program, a chapter cannot win unless they have submitted one. It is with this piece that the judging committee is better able to recognize the unique accomplishments of each chapter. There is no other way to note the special programs and services your chapter provides to members and the Association alike. This overview can also serve as a way to record your chapter’s happenings for the future and is a great foundation for chapter archives.

Entry information for the 2016 Chapter of the Year competition was e-mailed to Chapter Presidents in September. Please remember to give your chapter a chance for the top prize by submitting a Chapter Résumé that is included in the mailing. Entries for 2016 will be due no later than December 1, 2016.

2016 Entry Packet
Chapters Collecting for Communities 
Chapters Collecting for Communities - End of Campaign Report 

2015 Chapters of the Year
Large Chapter     Florida
Medium Chapter   Upper Midwest
Small Chapter   Alabama


2015 Chapter of the Year Honors