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Smart Hiring for Peace of Mind

Make responsible and informed hiring decisions by employing a comprehensive background check service that lets you screen applicants to help minimize risk and determine the quality of your new hires.

The background check package uses a combination of screening sources to gather criminal record information. In addition, it validates database records by returning to the source to ensure that you receive the latest updates regarding your applicant’s history.

The Background Check Package Includes:

  • Validated Criminal Database
  • Validated Nationwide Sex Offender
  • Validated Department of Corrections
  • Unlimited Single County Searches (seven-year address history)
  • SSN Verification With Address History
  • Government Sanctions (Terrorist Search)

All this is delivered with personalized customer service, training and compliance.

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IntelliCorp is a Verisk Analytics company, and has earned formal accreditation through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).