Membership News

CMAA has made some membership recruitment and retention changes based on feedback received from recent chapter visits and retreats as well as during discussions held over the 2011 National Committee weekend. We hope that this information will help you and CMAA chapters recruit and retain members for years to come!

  • No Administrative Fee - The $100 administrative fee will be eliminated for all new joining members. 
  • Step Membership - CMAA has implemented  a step membership where the new/rejoining member dues rate will be $500, the second year dues rate will be $650 and the third year will be the prevailing dues rate. 
  • Monthly national dues billing - CMAA now offers an eight month payment plan for CMAA national dues renewals.

For our Association to continue to be a recognized leader in our industry, we need outstanding members like you to ensure the success of the above initiatives and changes. It is incumbent on all of us to promote CMAA and add new members to our Association.

If we can answer questions about the above or provide further details, please call a chapter/member services staff member any time or reach out via email at Thank you!