William A. Schulz, MCM


Club Management Opportunities Assistant Manager Development Program

The evolution of the position of club manager demands increased education and professional development. Colleges and universities throughout the nation recognize this potential educational market and now include club management courses in their curricula. As a result, interest in the club management profession is rising.
This increased awareness has been a positive influence in the club industry; however, the availability or access to club work is limited. Graduating students may have limited exposure to practical experience which further restricts opportunities. The Club Management Opportunities (CMO) Program is not solely designed for graduating students. The CMO program will be available for individuals already working in clubs or to others seeking entrance into the profession. The results of this monograph were used to successfully complete a model Assistant Manager Development Program which will have positive implications in furthering the club management profession.

William A. Schulz, MCM
General Manager
Houston Country Club
Houston, TX

A monograph submitted to the Certification Committee of the Club Managers Association of America in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master Club Manager (MCM) designation.

July 1996

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