MCM Testimonial - Paul Kornfiend III

Paul Kornefeind PixSpotlight on Paul Kornfeind III, MCM

Chief Operating Officer
Tippecanoe Lake Country Club

Paul began his hospitality industry career at the age of twelve as a caddie at Sunset Ridge Country Club, in Northfield, Illinois. He later worked in the kitchen and advanced to the Executive Sous Chef position before entering the University of Wisconsin-Stout. After graduation, he began his club management career in Michigan (four years) and then spent the next sixteen years working at clubs in the Chicago area. Paul earned his MCM in 2008.

Paul reflected on what prompted him to pursue his MCM: “I have always wanted to be the best club manager that I could be. Additionally, in 2002, I saw a brochure from CMAA with a picture of the original six managers that had been awarded their MCM. I recognized Norm Spitzig, MCM, whom I had met. I had also read his book and some articles, attended his seminars, and followed his accomplishments on CMAA’s national board. Norm was a role model and became an inspiration to obtain my MCM (and he was an active member of my MCM support team and is now a good friend).

Paul’s monograph addressed “How to Bullet Proof your Accounting Department Against Fraud and Embezzlement.” He selected this topic because “a dishonest bookkeeper had worked for me in the past, and I wanted to select a topic applicable to any type of private club that could help prevent other managers from suffering a tragic blow to their careers.”

Paul says that the MCM experience taught him that, when one is confronted with a significant task, it is best to break the project into small pieces and address one part at a time. “Tenacity and passion are two very powerful weapons needed to accomplish life’s goals.”

Paul says that “With the MCM designation comes the respect of achieving something that only fifteen private club managers have attained. When people discover you have worked hard and have the fortitude to achieve the MCM they tend to hold you and your perspectives in a higher regard. Yes, it is a big undertaking, but the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable. I also think that having the MCM designation can be of great assistance to managers in their professional careers. That one little “M” (MCM rather than CCM) might prompt a club to select you over another candidate.”

Paul uses his monograph information on a daily basis. “Theft, fraud, and embezzlement can happen at a club at any time so managers must always be alert. Club managers can read my monograph and use its checklist to help protect their club and their careers.”

Paul offers some advice for potential MCM candidates. “The MCM Academic Council is anxious to answer any questions and help those considering and working on their Master Club Manager Profile (MCMP: the application document) and the subsequent monograph. I would also to offer my assistance and, if anyone has questions or would like to talk about the process, please contact me at”