Investing in Your Future


As a club manager, you are part of a dynamic and growing industry. Clubs are businesses that require an unusual combination of a sharp business acumen, unwavering diplomacy and keen management skills. As in any profession, club managers must stay on top of their game to remain competent, increase their knowledge base and enhance their marketability in a competitive professional market. CMAA has developed its Lifetime Professional Development Program to help you thrive in this profession. Take a look at the programs offered throughout the year and make a commitment to enrich your professional life by participating in those that suit your needs. You owe it to yourself to invest in your future.

Remaining steadfast to its mission, CMAA strives to fulfill the educational and related needs of its members in everything it does. As we enter our 88th year, CMAA is proud of its long tradition of stellar professional development opportunities, and continued promotion of professionalism in the club management industry through its ever-evolving Lifetime Professional Development Program. CMAA established the Club Management Institute (CMI), which is dedicated solely to having its finger on the pulse of the industry and developing timely, practical, professional and innovative course curricula specifically for club managers and their staffs.

CMAA works with a dynamic assemblage of committed, competent and highly-regarded educators in the hospitality and club industry. We have fostered relationships with the foremost industry experts and their respective institutions to ensure that CMAA members benefit from an authentic adult learning experience. Each of CMAA’s courses is developed using the highest academic standards and is reviewed and refined continuously to ensure that you are receiving current information delivered in an appropriate method.

Your success as a club management professional depends on your commitment. As a club professional, you must invest in your growth to achieve your peak performance. This career path is challenging personally and professionally, and CMAA’s educational programs will help you achieve a rich and balanced future. The Business Management Institute (BMI) courses – the core of the CMAA’s Lifetime Professional Development Program – were created by club industry leaders and academics to help managers increase their productivity, meet the challenges of leading and managing both staff and volunteers and also maintain balance in their personal lives.

As in many professions, a major component and achievement of education is becoming certified. CMAA’s certification program is the hallmark of professionalism for club managers. Managers who achieve the Certified Club Manager® (CCM) designation are distinguished as individuals who have attained a verifiable degree of knowledge and competency in club management and are recognized as such. Details on how to chart your path toward certification are found here.

CMAA’s Lifetime Professional Development Program will prepare you to lead, succeed, innovate, stretch your boundaries, expand your expertise and create a thriving environment at your club.

Register for a class today and invest in your future.