The CCM Exam


Paying the Exam Fees

If eligible to sit for the exam, an additional $195 registration fee will be charged to cover the cost of the exam. For members who have to take the exam more than once, there will be a $150 charge for each retest. These fees are subject to change at the discretion of the CMAA Board of Directors.

Preparing for the Exam

For CCM candidates desiring an in-depth review of the ten competency areas of club management, the Certification Review Course is offered twice a year. This concentrated five-day course is given at Georgia State University in Atlanta. The CCM exam is given on the day following completion of the course.

Candidates choosing not to take the Certification Review Course may have the exam administered by a proctor at a college or university near the individual’s home or club. Suggestions for making arrangements for a proctored exam are included with each candidate’s response to his or her Certification Petition.

Study Materials for CCM Exam

  • Please contact Brian Watkins to obtain a copy of the Certification Study Guide. 

Taking the Exam

The final requirement for certification is to pass the CCM exam. To pass the exam requires an overall score of 70 percent or higher, with a score of 50 percent or higher on each of the 10 parts of the exam. The exam consists of 400 objective questions covering the following ten competency areas: Club Governance, Food & Beverage Management, Accounting & Financial Management, Human & Professional Resources, Leadership, Membership & Marketing, Golf, Sports & Recreation Management, External & Governmental Influences, Facilities Management and Interpersonal Skills.

Candidates who do not pass the exam on the first attempt are limited to two attempts in any 12-month period.