CCM Exam Information

Exam Fee

If eligible to sit for the CCM exam, there is a $195 exam fee. This exam fee is the same for both proctored exams taking throughout the year and sitting for the exam following the Joe Perdue Certification Review Course. Candidate’s needing to retake the exam will be charged $150 for each retest.

Scheduling the Exam

The CCM exam is offered on specific dates through the use of a proctor at a college/university testing center or following the Joe Perdue Certification Review Course.

CCM candidates who wish to take the CCM exam at a local college or university should make the initial arrangements for a proctor at any college or university convenient to their home or club.  Most schools have a testing center or an office of continuing education at which the exam can be administered. Visit to locate a testing center near you.

Preparing for the Exam

There are two basic methods for preparing for the CCM exam; self-study or attending the Joe Perdue Certification Review Course.

In preparing for the exam using the self-study method, you should use the 3rd Edition of Contemporary Club Management. You can access the book through the CMAA website. Once you have logged in, you can find the link for the book under the Students tab on the homepage. You should also study from your notes taken during the BMIs. Be sure to concentrate on the areas that are personally your weakest.

The Joe Perdue Certification Review Course is offered bi-annually every April and November. This course is held at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Taking the Exam

To become a CCM you must pass the CCM exam. The exam is computer-based exam. It consists of 400 multi-choice questions covering each competency area.

To pass the exam,
candidates must have an overall score of 70% or higher and a score of 50% or higher for each of the ten parts of the exam. The National Office will contact you with the results of your exam.

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