CMI Workshop Requirements

Chapter-level workshops allow managers to meet the Chapter Education portion of the Certified Club Manager Exam requirements. Workshops present a great opportunity for individuals to earn a large number of credits in one day. Workshops also count toward the Certification Maintenance Requirement as well as Honor Society eligibility.

CMI Workshop Requirements:

  • Chapters must submit CMI workshops and graded tests online in order for the credits to be posted.
  • Program must have a minimum of six hours of instruction time that focuses on one topic as it relates to the private club management profession
  • CMI workshops must be pre-approved by CMAA National Education Department (unless the speaker is listed in the Guide to Speakers & Workshops)
  • A written examination must be given at the conclusion of the program (Participants must successfully complete the exam and pass with a minimum score of 70% to receive full credit. If a participant does not pass the exam, Association Activity credit will be awarded
  • Chapters must submit the graded exams to the Education Department when submitting the roster of the program

If a participant does not stay for the entire six hours they will receive partial credit for the time they were there.  They will not receive full credit.