Laura Leszczynski

Laura LeszczynskiLaura Leszczynski

Strategic Club Solutions
Mobile: 414-587-9181 

Laura is a veteran of helping Clubs and businesses uncover hidden opportunities that allow for growth, change and focus. She never settles with mediocrity and helps clients rethink and look at their clubs with fresh perspective and researched insight.

Laura’s early career started as founder of a downtown marketing/advertising agency at the age of 23. She’s gone on to reposition, support and grow hundreds of businesses in all different industries. Her current work with Strategic Club Solutions includes strategic planning, surveys, opportunity assessments, Club branding and story telling, finding the truths that will attract and retain members and more.  In addition, she co-founded a youth volleyball club which serves 500 athletes annually and she is the author and illustrator of a children’s book called, What If People Had Tails? 

Laura’s applies neuromarketing strategies to her process. Her hunger to stay on top of the research and use this consumer behavioral science has helped clients harness the power of influencing decision making. She began speaking to share these brain science tips and triggers. She believes this is a way to work smarter, not harder, giving clients a head start on their efforts to achieve success.

Past presentations include:

Make sure your website isn’t working against you

Working smarter not harder – using brain science to influence behavior

Understanding how brain science can help influence member behavior

Turn your Club on its head-using neuromarketing and the science of retail space design to transform your Members’ engagement experience 

Areas of focus include:

Neuromarketing tips, triggers and insights

Finding a Club’s true story

Messaging and the power of words

Writing a clean, questioned survey

Use of imagery and the impact of using photos when branding Clubs

Online digital strategies and tactics

Using 2D and 3D to engage behavior

Strategic planning

Club branding and marketing

Upcoming BMI Programs