Eligibility Requirements to sit for the CCM Exam


The following are requirements for eligibility to take the CCM exam:

Education Credits                      200 credits (a minimum of 100 must be from CMAA [CMI or chapter] education, at least 25 of which must be earned at the chapter level) (see Note 1)

Association Activity Credits      50 credits (see Note 2)

Additional Credits                      50 credits (Education, Associate Activity or Experience) (see Note 3)

Total Credits                               300 credits

Requirements for all CMAA Members 

• Professional membership status in CMAA for a minimum of six years 

• Attendance at one CMAA World Conference on Club Management (with attendance at a minimum of four education sessions – see Note 4)

• Successful completion of two CMAA/CMI pre-approved workshops

• Successful completion of BMI Club Management, BMI Leadership Principles, BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer and either BMI Golf Management or BMI Food & Beverage Management. The BMI Courses do not need to be taken in any particular order.

NOTE 1: The 25 chapter Education Credit requirement is waived for CMAA international members (those not residing within an established chapter area). Only CMI Education credits may be substituted.

NOTE 2: Chapter Education Credits in excess of the 25 required may be used to satisfy the Association Activity requirement provided they are not needed to satisfy the 200 Education credit requirement.

NOTE 3: The accrual of credits for club management experience ended as of March 31, 1991. Experience Credits earned prior to that date and submitted before December 31, 1991, count toward the 300 total credit requirement for certification as well as the requirements for Honor Society and the MCM designation. They do not count toward the Education or Association Activity Credit requirements for certification

NOTE 4: Managers can attend BMI Golf Management, BMI Sports and Recreation Management or BMI Food and Beverage Management to meet the elective requirement in order to sit for the CCM Exam.

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