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The CCM exam is proctored on specific dates throughout the year. These dates will vary from year to year. Please be sure to check this page for any updates on the dates exams are offered. Along with dates for the “Local Proctored Exam”, the exam can also be taken on the Friday following the Joe Perdue Certification Review Course. The following exam dates have been scheduled:

Exam Dates 
January 30, 2017   Local Proctored Exam * 
May 8, 2017   Local Proctored Exam * 
August 7, 2017   Local Proctored Exam * 
November 13, 2017   Local Proctored Exam * 

*Note: To set up a local proctored exam on this date, please contact your local college or approved university.

CCM candidates who wish to take the CCM exam at a local college or university should make the initial arrangements for a proctor at any college or university convenient to their home or club.  Most schools have a testing center or an office of continuing education at which the exam can be administered.  You can also use the following link to locate a testing center near you http://www.ncta-testing.org/cctc/find.php.