The Safety Guy Almost Got Hit

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I was driving on an Interstate highway and a vehicle started to drift into my lane. Three quick sharp blasts from my horn ensured the driver of the panel van re-aligned his vehicle back in his lane. As I passed and looked into the open side door of the bread delivery truck, I was amazed to see he was leaning into / looking at the phone clutched in his two hands!

Was he texting? Talking? Myopic and looking for directions? Playing a video game? I don’t know what he was doing and contemplated a way to share my displeasure…  Would one think this errant behavior could be changed because another driver alerted him of his potential gaff?  What would his boss say if made aware of his actions?

Years Ago
In 2010, I wrote in article titled Driving while “Intexticated”.  While researching the “Intexticated” article, I spoke with a few experts, looked at related accident data and just dug deeper into the topic.

Now I have to say (in my opinion), drivers have gotten worse in the recent five years. Is it because people desire to be more connected? Is technology making people like Pavlovian dogs and automatically reaching for and looking at their phone when the thing dings?

Recent Related Publications
An electronic article published in May 2015 by Environmental Safety and Health magazine titled Hang It Up! Cell Phones and Car Crashes shared statistics estimating that 27 percent of all crashes are caused by texting/talking on cell phones.

The Hang It Up article also referenced a study done by the National Safety Council (NSC) titled Crashes Involving Cell PhonesRead more...

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