July 2017: CMAA Research and our New Industry Survey

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I am excited to share our plans for the topic of our second industry survey that will be launching in the next few weeks. First, I’d like to share an update on CMAA’s research initiative that is now in its second year of development. Research at CMAA is developed through three core research practices:

  1. Internally led and performed CMAA research initiatives leveraging expertise of our CMAA staff – Sarah Bal and Amilcar Davy.
  2. Internally led, but conducted using an outside research firm according to CMAA’s standards and oversight like the Center for Generational Kinetics and Industry Insights. 
  3. Member reviewed and approved academic or third-party research meeting CMAA’s Research Guidelines.

Research Infographic 300Over the past 18 months, CMAA’s research has included: generational research of club attitudes, club operations research, club economic impact research, CMAA Conference evaluations, club governance as well as research on member’s interest in a club management Master’s degree program.

Once CMAA research is conducted, it is shared in various formats:

  1. Aggregate data from any survey may appear throughout CMAA including: Club Management magazine, specialized white papers, in professional development programs or on the CMAA website.  
  2. Club operational research is issued to survey participants in static form as an annual report and then made available to Club Resource Center (CRC) subscribers. CRC subscribers who completed the survey also have access to online interactive tools for comparing their club’s data to the overall club data collected.
  3. CMAA’s Industry Surveys provide regular and ongoing research on relevant topical and operational research findings to CMAA members, boards and interested publics.
    • Industry surveys are usually widely distributed to the membership and available for download on CMAA’s website.
    • Niche white papers are created off the industry data for CRC subscribers.
    • Webinars are presented to all members.
  4. Through direct member inquiries to CMAA’s Research Department.

In 2016, CMAA produced its first industry survey on generational issues. To view the results and corresponding whitepapers, please visit www.cmaa.org/millennials

This summer, CMAA will begin its second industry survey on Recruiting Hourly Employees. This survey will collect information about the ways clubs recruit hourly employees in an effort to examine common challenge areas and provide both club and other industry best practices. Some objectives for this research project will be:

  • To collect information about the ways clubs are recruiting hourly employees
  • To highlight club best practices when  recruiting hourly employees
  • To highlight common challenge areas of clubs recruiting hourly employees
  • To assist clubs with challenges in the hourly employee recruitment process with best practices from other clubs
  • To present other industry best practices for recruiting hourly employees that are applicable to the club industry (potentially in a separate white paper)

Take Survey

I hope you have a better understanding of CMAA’s research initiative as an important member benefit that continues to grow in value. Please take the time to participate in this upcoming survey. I believe the research findings will be valuable to every member, so your participation will make the research findings even more meaningful.

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Will Flourance at 09/06/2017 10:26:40 AM