Inspiration—an Inspiring or Animating Idea, Action or Influence

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I have been inspired to write an article about inspiration. Maybe it’s because I hang out with, study, coach, observe, interview, listen to and play with inspiring people. Maybe it’s because I just left an extraordinary vacation destination, drove on one of the most beautiful, scenic drives I have ever taken and come home to a home by the ocean. Maybe it’s because I know people who are building things, writing things, dreaming things and recording things. Maybe it’s because I just watched a fireworks display to celebrate my country’s birthday and I thought about all of the dreams, inspiration, work and determination that went into what makes it so special. Maybe it’s because I just celebrated a significant wedding anniversary with the girl of my dreams. Maybe it’s because my kids seem to be living the lives of their individual designs. Maybe it’s because I have a long-time business partner who inspires me. 

Whatever the reason is that I am inspired; I am pleased to say that I am!

Many of the people who read my articles are leaders. Whether you are a leader or not, I have some questions for you: Are you inspired? What inspires you? Who inspires you? What happens when you get inspired? Are people inspired by you? What happens when you inspire them? What happens to energy? What happens to creativity? What happens to possibility?

I was invited to go and play golf with a friend I know and two friends I was about to know. I met a very successful entrepreneur and a world class athletic champion. I met some very successful people, who were so friendly, welcoming and fun. I stayed in an extraordinary home. Before others got up, I had an hour or so alone with our host to talk about his life, his passions and his dreams. He had literally been instrumental in the building of a small city. He is now passionate about rebuilding the homes, the businesses and the people’s spirits after a devastating fire ripped through the city. Did you catch it? The “spirits” of the people need to be rebuilt.

Inspiration! In spirit! It is not about what is happening to us on the outside. It is about what is happening to us on the inside. 

What inspired me about my host was not what he has done, but rather who he is.

He and his wife welcomed me into their home. He was kind, thoughtful, thought provoking, bright, caring, generous, curious, active, fit, devoted, grateful and inspiring.

He is older than me but I was inspired by his energy. He seemed to be leading a lot of initiatives. He had ideas to change things for people and he puts them into place.

As I drove down the Sea to Sky Highway, my mind was racing. Why did I meet him? Why did we have those conversations? Was it orchestrated to help him or help me? What am I going to do? Who am I going to be? How will I think differently?

A few years ago Dick Kopplin gave me a book called “The One Thing”. Shelley and I love this book and we talk about it a lot in our Extraordinary Leader Program. This past week we had the chance to interview one of the co-authors for our “Conversation with the Masters” call. 

We had so many people reach out after the call to say they were inspired by the author’s message. We can be inspired by many things and perhaps that can diminish the power, the energy and the impact of the inspiration. When we are inspired about our one thing something very powerful happens. 


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