November 2017: Effective Listening

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 11.15.17 NSEC

We have just finished the National Student Educational Conference in Washington, DC. For me, this event provides an opportunity to mingle with the future of club management. It is also a time for me to listen and listen hard with an open mind about what is changing, what may be changing, and what should be changing to serve our future CMAA Professional members.

Hearing comes naturally, but effective listening is a learned skill. I freely admit that I am someone who can always learn to listen better and realize it is a skill that takes practice and concentration. To listen effectively, experts indicate we need to perfect these abilities:

  1. Be present and step away from distractions paying attention to what is said.
  2. Be open-minded and curious with a desire to learn from what is said.
  3. Don’t just listen, look at the person speaking and take in their unspoken communications.
  4. Don’t interrupt, jump to conclusions, and don’t be dismissive.
  5. Ask questions to understand.
  6. Try to put yourself in the speaker’s position or with his/her background.

Effective listening is an art. At CMAA, we are very interested in what you have to say about how to move the organization in the direction to best benefit all members. You may have seen the announcement a few weeks ago regarding the launch of a new resource in CMAA’s ClubCareers targeted at entry-level opportunities. To date, more than 100 jobs have been posted on this new, no-cost CMAA member benefit. We hope you find it valuable.

We also responded to a community in need this past month as CMAA helped the counties of Napa and Sonoma in California recently devastated by wildfires. The wineries and their employees are so supportive of CMAA and our club community, and we wanted to show our support in their time of need. CMAA’s International Wine Society, the Club Foundation (CF) and CMAA joined together to contribute $15,000 to relief efforts on your behalf.

Speaking of giving, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving is known as #GivingTuesday. We hope you will consider a donation to The Club Foundation during this season of giving and help CF take advantage of doubling your gift as CMAA’s Carolinas Chapter is matching all contributions up to $10,000 through December 4! In addition, the Ohio Valley Chapter has committed to a $5,000 donation on #GivingTuesday and the Georgia Chapter is making a five year pledge for a total of $25,000, beginning in 2018. Thank you to the Carolinas, Ohio Valley, and Georgia Chapters for your support, and enabling CF to help fund education, research, and outreach initiatives to better the club industry. The easiest way to donate is to text the word clubs to 41444 using your smartphone.

As I end this month, I hope you, your clubs, and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving. The CMAA Board and staff team are very thankful for all our members.

Until next month, 

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 12/10/2017 09:28:00 PM