The Gift of You!

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It is the time of year when a lot of people are thinking about gifts they can give to important people in their lives. Some will put great time and care into finding that perfect gift that someone you care about wants or needs. Some will send money or a gift card because that way the person will get what they really want and it reduces the risk of buying gifts that they are not thrilled with. This year in addition to choosing the strategy of gift giving that works for you, I would like to suggest that you give them the gift of you! Of course, there is the risk that you are not exactly what they were hoping for, but maybe they can see the gift differently this year.


The Gift of You: Your Time

Have you thought about how you might give you as a gift this year? Not just you, but this year a more present you! Currently, when time is such a present commodity what would it be like if you gave someone yours? Beyond the number of minutes and hours you give them, it is probably more about the presence you give them. How can you truly be with them in a meaningful way without distraction? When we had young children, we spent lots of time with the three of them, but found it important to create one on one time with each of them. It is a time when the recipient is the focus of your attention in an environment that is important to them. Maybe it is a time to talk, to play, to explore to build memories and just enjoy! Maybe it is one hour without devices. If time with you hasn’t been viewed as a great gift in the past, maybe it is time to redesign what time with you is like.


The Gift of You: Your Service

Many people who are reading this are truly service professionals. Many are experts in designing and leading world class service. If that is one or your gifts, perhaps it could be one or your gifts this year. How could you serve someone that would blow their mind? You could pick their loved one up at the airport, shovel their sidewalk, make them a dinner, sing them a song, knock three things off their “To Do” list, drive them home after a holiday party, deliver a spa treatment… if you are a service professional you can come up with an innovative idea!


The Gift of You: Not Your Judgment

If you can spend some time with loved ones in the next little while, truly give them you. Appreciate them for being who they are in all their perfect imperfection and perhaps they will be gracious enough to do the same for you. Some people get together with the people they love and spend the time telling them what they should do or how they should be different. Some people spend time with people who do that to them. What if this year we could let go of the need to be right or the need to control and replace it with the gratitude of having what we have?


The Gift of You! The Extraordinary You

What if this year you give them a different you? A reinvented you? An extraordinary you? What if you decided to give them a different version of you? It could be a more patient you, a more energetic you, a more grateful you, a more optimistic you, a more present you or a more fun you? Don’t underestimate the kind of gift you are. Don’t underestimate the kind of gift you could be.


The Gift of You! The Creative You

Whether you realize it or not you have a creative mind. You are creating things, experiences and stories all the time. What if this year you shared the gift of your creativity? Create a holiday environment, create an event, create a moment, create an experience, create a surprise, create a lifelong memory, create something big, create something small, but flex your creative muscles and create.


The Gift of You, to You

What if the recipient of the gift of you, is you? What if it is time to decide to be authentically you? The authentic you, not the you that others think you should be, or even worse the you that you think others think you should be, but the true you. Of course, you get to decide who that is and what it looks like, but it is your life, so you owe it to yourself to decide. It may be the greatest gift you ever receive.


The Gift of You, to the World

Ok, so maybe the world is not usually on your gift list, but maybe it is time to consider adding it to you list. The day you were born there was the potential that the world just got a little better. For some people on the planet there is no question that it did. You brought something different, special and truly unique. You had the potential to make the world a better place and you still do. You might ask “What difference can I make to the world?” You can make a big difference or a little difference. You can improve the lives of billions or you can improve the life of one. You can dream what nobody else has dreamed. You can show us the way. You can be an example for that one person who will show us the way. You can share your gifts. You can take your skills, your genius, your love or your generosity to a higher level. You can make an impression on the world while you are here.


You can share the gift of you!

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