January 2018: Five Character Traits of Innovation Leaders

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 01.16.18 New Pres Dinner

Happy New Year! I am full of hope for 2018! For me that hope starts with looking inward and self reflection. How can I start the year with the best mindset possible? How can I be a better person in 2018? I want to share from a blog that was posted in Forbes titled “Five Character Traits of Innovation Leaders.” In my opinion, the blog could have easily been titled “Five Character Traits of Successful Club Leaders.” So, what are the five traits that are important for [club] professionals as well as innovators?

Don’t Do. Influence. Being a role model in your club is critical. The tone, the work environment, and the culture start with the management staff. The higher up you go in the organizational chart, the more influence you have. So my hope for 2018 is that we all become better role models at our clubs and organizations.

Seed the future, not the present. As leaders, we all need to be in the present, but we need to be continuously thinking about and planting seeds for the future. The health of our clubs or organizations is dependent on it. So my hope for 2018 is that we all keep our feet firmly in the present, but plant seeds for growth, change, and a path to ensure our clubs and organizations thrive today and into the future.

Work for the love of change and improvement, rather than what you get for yourself. As leaders, it is important that we focus outwardly – on the success of our staff, on the exceptional member’s experiences we provide, and on the health of our clubs. So my hope for 2018 is that we all put our personal interests aside and focus our attention on how to improve our clubs and organizations. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself too, so I hope you focus on improving your own personal health, wealth, and happiness in 2018.

Take risk that will benefits others, even when – especially when! – those who will benefit may not even know what you are doing. While often a scary concept, risk taking is part of being a leader. But when you, your Board, and your management team are grounded in doing what is best for the organization, that entrepreneurial spirit becomes second nature and thrives. So my hope for 2018 is that all of us become better aligned, better risk takers, and better at becoming entrepreneurs in our clubs and organizations.

Share, share, share all the time. Transparent leaders are often the most respected and successful leaders. They treat information and knowledge as a “treasure to be shared” and not as a control mechanism. This transparency creates aligned organizations that are in sync and headed in the same direction. So my hope for 2018 is that all of us become more transparent leaders - trusting and sharing within our organizations more freely.

The blog ends with some critical insight. “There is one thing that all five of these leadership characteristics have in common: They are all ways of being, or thinking, or acting. They are not skill-based; they don’t require any specialized knowledge; and they certainly don’t require any authority. They simply require a change in how a leader thinks.” So as I end for this month, my hope for 2018 is that all of us become better people in 2018, by being, thinking, and acting better! I will do my best to be a better person in 2018 and I hope you will too!

If you’d like to read the Forbes blog, you can access it online.

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 01/17/2018 09:07:38 AM