April 2018: CMAA Fellows Program

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Jeff Morgan 2018Last month I shared an update from CMAA’s World Conference, including the results of members voting on the Bylaw changes and the CMAA name change. I received several questions of timing related to changes, so want to share these for clarity:

1. CMAA's name change to the Club Management Association of America will likely happen around July 1, 2018, as we get the legal and regulatory requirements completed, as well as other communication pieces updated to reflect CMAA’s new name. For CMAA chapters, any name change consideration will likely be much longer and coordinated around other changes that include an affiliation agreement, updating chapter bylaws, and chapter logos. Change can be messy and our organizational name change will be messy for a while.
2. I have also been asked about when does CMAA National change from using the title of President to Chairman. Bobby Crifasi, CCM, CCE, CPA, will be CMAA's final National President and Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE, will be our first CMAA National Chairman. Going forward, CMAA Past Presidents will remain as Past Presidents. You can’t change history. Of course, once Randy Ruder completes his term as Chairman, we will start Past Chairmen too!

I am excited to share a bit more about the CMAA Fellows program this month! More information will be sent to the CMAA membership over the next few weeks, but here are a few initial questions (and answers) you may have:

Why is CMAA launching a Fellows program?
CMAA values long-time volunteers and highly engaged members for their contributions to our shared profession. The CMAA Fellows Program marks top honors, recognizing individuals who have made a significant impact on the club management community through exemplary service and leadership, accomplishments, and/or other major contributions to CMAA and the club management profession. The CMAA Fellows Program serves as the Association's dynamic "Hall of Fame."

Who is eligible to be a CMAA Fellow?
Any active Professional member of CMAA is eligible to be nominated to be a CMAA Fellow. The intent of a CMAA Fellows program is to mark recognition of service to the profession and a call to future service to club management. It is not a certification program, like the CCM or CCE, nor a researched-based designation, such as the MCM. CMAA National Board members are not eligible to apply to be a CMAA Fellow until three years post Board service.

What does CMAA Fellow mean?
CMAA Fellow is expected to be an honor bestowed upon less than one percent of CMAA's membership; the term "CMAA Fellow" may be used by active Fellows, who remain CMAA members in good standing, to represent their status and increase the recognition/visibility of CMAA's Fellows Program.

How are Fellows selected?
The Fellows program uses a process governed by a Selection Committee composed of CMAA members in good standing. Nominees (applicants) for CMAA Fellows must be peer nominated. The nominee must then submit detailed endorsement letters from three colleagues/peers, his or her résumé/curriculum vitae, and submit an essay. The curriculum vitae should document service and involvement with CMAA. The essay is designed to capture the nominee’s thinking on how to foster and give back to the CMAA community.

The Selection Committee reviews all applications and final candidates are invited for individual interviews with multiple committee members. If a candidate is not chosen by the Selection Committee to move forward, he/she may be nominated again the next year or any time after that.

I hope this gives you a better understanding and starts to get you thinking about those who deserve to be nominated for consideration as a potential CMAA Fellow.  As I said, more information is coming soon, so stay tuned to learn more about this great way to recognize club luminaries! #CMAAFellow

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 04/17/2018 07:53:30 AM