June 2018: A New Name, AMS, & More

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Hello CMAA members! This month I have several newsworthy notes:

1. Cue the trumpets! July 1, 2018, marks the date when CMAA will be officially become the Club Management Association of America!

2. I am hopeful you have seen the recent communications related to the changes to your online membership experience as we “go live” with a new association management software system. These include:

  • New login procedure for CMAA.org;
  • Discontinuation of @member.cmaa.org email address; and
  • New online member directory tool to allow for direct messaging other members that preserves email privacy of recipient until they desire to share their email and contact information.

3. CMAA’s biennial Compensation & Benefits Survey  invitation will be arriving in your email box in the coming weeks. This CMAA survey and our annual operating analytics data collection serves clubs by providing more than one source for club analytical data. I hope your club will complete this survey sometime this month. The report will be issued this fall.

4. Nominations for the inaugural class of CMAA Fellows are due June 30. The CMAA Fellows Program is an honorary recognition program distinguishing those living CMAA members who epitomize the leadership, integrity, involvement, and contributions of club management professionals. These individuals have made significant contributions to the betterment of the profession and CMAA throughout their careers. Those selected as a CMAA Fellow are recognized as highly engaged individuals for their contributions to the profession and are called to continued service as mentors, facilitators, thought leaders, and champions within the club community.  Anyone can nominate a CMAA professional member peer via the  Fellows nomination form.

5. Speaking of nominations, it also time to consider running for the CMAA Board of Directors. All materials are due by June 30 and the 2019 slate will be announced in early September by CMAA’s Nomination Committee.

6. For those who submitted session proposals for consideration as a speaker at the 92nd World Conference on Club Management in Nashville, TN, the Conference Focus Group will be meeting at the National Headquarters this month. You will be notified in July if your submission was accepted. I truly appreciate all of you who took the time to consider delivering a session at Conference. I know your peers will have a tough time selecting speakers from the quality of proposals we’ve received.

7. Last, but certainly not least, I want to call your attention to CMAA’s new information tool – a Podcast entitled “Let’s Talk Club Management." My thanks to Melissa Low and Kyle Jennings for developing our capabilities to do this at CMAA and acting as CMAA’s hosts. I am excited for this launch and hope you will add CMAA’s podcast to your regular podcast listening.

Until next month,


Posted by Karen Woodie at 06/13/2018 09:55:28 AM