Let's Talk Club Management: Members, Meetings, Mulligans, and More Episode 2 – Governance Confidential

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Join Kyle Jennings, Manager, Communications & Student Development, and Melissa Low, Senior Director, Communications & Advocacy, for the second episode of CMAA's podcast: Let's Talk Club Management

In this installment, Kyle and Melissa speak with Mac Niven, MCM, CCE, to discuss some of the perennial challenges club managers face - namely board governance and the personalities that come with it. Mac was kind enough to share a powerpoint that he create on the subject. Check it outRead Mac’s Master Club Manager Monograph on the subject as well.

Our Idea Fair winner this month is Kaitlyn Allen, Events Coordinator at The Carriage Club in Kansas City, MO. Kaitlyn shares with us her winning entry in the Club Dining Room Promotions category. View her entry, and others, online.  

Also joining us this month are CMAA team members Kim Pasquale, Jason Koenigsfeld, and Chris Velo. They share with us information about the brand new  CMAA Fellows Program  as well as the technology upgrades going on behind the scenes to keep CMAA running smoothly. 


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