August 2018: CMAA and CSFA Under One Umbrella

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(Left to Right) CSFA Past President Kevin Caldabaugh, Founding Members Jeremy Barker and Pamela Caldwell, and Current President John Porter.

Hello CMAA members – I hope you are having a terrific summer! This month I’d like to expand on an announcement that you may have read about recently regarding the Club Spa & Fitness Association (CSFA) becoming a subsidiary of CMAA. I want to share my perspective on what this means and how it will affect your CMAA membership.

First, unlike corporate mergers, there was no money or payment made by CMAA to CSFA. CSFA is a membership organization, just like CMAA, so the process to become a subsidiary required some changes in CSFA’s bylaws and a vote by the Boards of CSFA and CMAA. 

CMAA already has a subsidiary organization – The Club Foundation, so the addition of another subsidiary is not unique or atypical. Additionally, CMAA has been managing CSFA since October 2017 and it quickly became apparent that the synergies of bringing the Association under the CMAA umbrella would benefit both organizations.

By becoming part of CMAA, CSFA keeps its existing Board and focus, but now has better access to leverage the larger outreach of CMAA for growth and service to the clubs and CSFA members in the areas of spa and fitness. For CMAA members, the CSFA organization remains a separate membership organization but adds the ability to integrate activities at World Conference, combine research initiatives related to wellness, and leverage CSFA members, partners, and their respective networks to educate and inform all levels of club management.  

Ultimately the mission of CSFA supports the mission of CMAA and vice versa. As CSFA grows with the help of CMAA, that increase in CSFA member value is really part of CMAA. As The Club Foundation’s success benefits CMAA, so will CSFA. We often think of mergers and acquisitions in a corporate environment to mean lots of upheaval, but in the case of CMAA and CSFA it means mutual partnership while operating as separate organizations, all under the CMAA umbrella.

Corinne Grimaldi, Executive Director of CSFA and CMAA’s Senior Director of Community Strategy & Outreach, rejoined the CMAA National staff team last fall to lead this effort. Corinne’s focus hasn’t changed with this announcement. Corinne’s role puts her in the position of guiding CSFA, while growing CMAA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as well as focusing on other emerging positions in clubs.

CMAA’s focus on supporting these emerging or vertical club positions is an effort to support those professionals who may not have an association home. However, they are integral to the overall success of the club industry, CMAA club professionals, and our mission at CMAA. It is why this new relationship with a young CSFA organization makes sense for CMAA. It is also why CMAA hosted a group of club communications professionals at the 2018 World Conference. We will continue to learn from such groups and develop mutually beneficial programming where those groups are given opportunities they did not otherwise have, and where CMAA members are given a broadened scope of the club management industry. In the example of the club communications professionals, members of the group and our CMAA members can look forward to a new Summit in the spring of 2019. The Summit will follow a similar format to our already-successful Governance/Leadership Summits, so stay tuned to what this new one has in store!

In conclusion, I hope this helps you to better understand why both governing Boards of CMAA and CSFA decided it made sense to create a more formal ownership relationship.

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan


Posted by Karen Woodie at 08/20/2018 09:02:55 AM