November 2018: Giving Thanks and #CFGivingTuesday

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 11.13.18  CF Giving Tuesday

Happy November all! CMAA began a new fiscal year on November 1, as well as our official subsidiary relationship with the Club Spa & Fitness Association (CSFA). Thanksgiving is the focus for many this month. When you think about Thanksgiving, you most likely think feast (at home or at your club), family (serving those families in your club and spending some time with your own), and probably football! But at its core, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all that we have received.

I have fond memories of going around the dining room table during Thanksgiving dinner with everyone sharing what they were thankful for. Most of the comments were about love for family, friendships, good health, and happiness. It is one of those times when love and thankfulness are at the forefront. I recently had the opportunity to hear from best-selling author and lauded speaker, Tommy Spaulding (Heart Led Leader and It’s Not Just Who You Know). He spoke about love and leadership and asked the group if our individual leadership philosophy included love.

The emotion of love can be awkward to speak about in a business or in a club setting. But Spaulding’s message told us that our head and our heart are 18 inches apart and that this proximity reminds us to connect the two in order to be more effective leaders. Having intellectual or technical prowess in your profession is great, but Spaulding asserts that those whose leadership includes leading from the heart are much better leaders and can be transformational for their organizations. Words that often come to mind for the heart-led leader include: authentic, vulnerable, empathetic, trustworthy, generous, humble, and/or gracious. 

The message is straightforward and puts love at the forefront of our deepest relationships, whether personal or professional, because we focus on another person’s needs. It’s a great thought for Thanksgiving and for everyday as we are grateful for those meaningful relationships in our lives. I certainly feel that love is part of the magic of CMAA. I felt it immediately when I began my journey here four years ago, as there is a deep caring for the organization and for each other. I am thankful for that, and thankful for you as I too continue to grow with heart and head as we move CMAA forward. 

Another part of your heart-led leadership as members of CMAA was the vision to create Foundations to help each other. We have seen The Club Foundation as well as CMAA Chapter Foundations fund education for members, help members in need, and support local communities. This caring side of CMAA makes me proud to be your CEO. It’s one reason why I am drawn to write a personal contribution to The Club Foundation each year and know many of you do as well. 

As I end this month, I hope you will think about your own leadership style and what you can do to add more heart. I also hope in this season of giving thanks you will consider contributing to The Club Foundation. Nationally recognized “Giving Tuesday” – November 27, 2018 – is the perfect opportunity to come together with care and love as we globally celebrate giving and philanthropy with our hearts, our heads, and our contributions.

Until next month,

Jeff Morgan

Posted by Karen Woodie at 11/13/2018 08:52:40 AM