This Year Will Be Different!

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Maybe you took some time the last few days of last year or the first few days of this year to design what this year would be like. If you did, it is a good time to see how it is going and if you didn’t, we would encourage you to take the time to do so. Please contact us for some design tools and planning tools that we have created, along with a one-page dashboard to keep it all in front of you.

We observe in so many of our clients that success starts with knowing what you want and knowing how to ask for it. The truth is that a lot of people don’t know what they want. Some assume they should just want what everyone else wants and they set themselves up to go through the motions for another year.

“This year will be different?”

Take some time to dream! Take some time to think about what you would like to do! Think about what you would not like to do! Where would you like to go? Who would you like to meet? What would you like to accomplish? What would you like to get rid of? What will the highlights of your year be?

Whatever you have decided even if it has been something you have tried before let’s decide that this year will be different.

 Here is a formula you can apply to the things you are planning.

 T + F + A = R

 It stands for Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results!

As coaches we so often find that people go into their new year deciding on some goals and setting the actions that will get them there as if the formula is “A = R”. They also find that new actions don’t last very long or maybe the whole dream has been forgotten.

 “This year will be different!”

How do you need to think differently than you are currently thinking? What kind of thoughts might you have that are working in opposition to what you are determined to accomplish? How have others who have accomplished what you want to accomplish thought differently than you? We may have some programs running that have been there since childhood. Some people are convinced that they were never enough, that it’s “just the way I am”, I am big boned, money is evil, success is for other people, don’t get bigger than your britches. Old beliefs are just that, old beliefs. It is possible that who taught you about money, health, success, dreaming, or happiness when you were five years old were not experts in some of those fields. Now you have access to very different information so you can get a very different result. Remember, no matter what new and beneficial thinking you employ this year - you may need to uninstall the old program. If it continues to run alongside your new thinking it will either take you longer to get to your new goal or you may not get there at all. It is not just the actions that will get you the different result you are looking for, your thinking plays a big role in getting there.

If your thinking supports you and you employed the actions you have, you would have a better chance of reaching your new result. Now it is time to focus on your feelings. I know I have lost some of you by saying that. Many avoid thinking about or talking about feelings at all costs. You want to get your feelings working for you. You can have great belief in a plan and great actions to achieve it and still not get there because you just don’t care that much about it. This often happens when the result we are working toward is someone else’s and not ours, or maybe it is ours but we are doing it because we think that is what someone else wants.

Look at the result you are working toward. Do you really care about it? Are you passionate about getting there? How important is it to you? If you don’t have the drive, the passion, the discipline and the excitement about where you are going, it would be like having the vehicle to get there but not enough fuel in the tank. Don’t just set a goal because your boss or some coach thinks you should, decide on a goal that you are “all in” on and get used to being successful with the goals you set.

We observe that a lot of people use the same actions they use on previous attempts to achieve their desired result. Many of those actions may be great, some may not be as effective as they think and some might be working against them. Get some support with the actions you employ. Talk to experts, learn from people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish, find out how they thought, felt and acted on their way to the destination. It can also be helpful to anticipate some of the obstacles you might face or have faced before. What actions can you take to mitigate or eliminate those obstacles? What kind of actions can you set up that will support you in staying accountable?

If you set up some goals or results that are important to you and you truly spend some time setting up Thinking, Feelings and Actions that support you, then… this year will truly be different!


Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall are the Coaches for CMAA. To reach them and learn more please call 1-866-822-3481.

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