Time to Learn!

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I thought about putting a question mark behind those three words to pose the question to you whether it is time to learn or not? Then I decided to put an exclamation mark behind it because the chance to learn is always now. Even in times when we don’t intend to learn, the learning just seems to happen.

As a lot of readers prepare to go to the World Conference on Club Management here are some ideas that might support you in making this year’s conference your best yet.

It starts with intention! Whether we are talking about a learning experience, a conversation, a year, a month, a day, or a meeting, if you go into it with an intention you are more likely to get to where you want to go quicker. What do you want to learn? What ideas would you like to get? How would you like to feel? What outcomes would you like to get? Who would you like to meet? How will this year be different? How will you be different before, during, and after? What will you learn that can support someone else? How will you teach what you learn? What intention will you take to this learning experience?

Spaced Repetition! One of the simple secrets to learning is spaced repetition. Processing a piece of information once will result in about a 10 percent retention rate after six days. Processing the same information five or six times can result in a 90 percent retention rate. This is why good note taking and review is so important. Capture the key points you want to retain from any session and write them again on a page that summarizes the key points from sessions. When you attend your first session you think you will never forget what you learned in it and four days later you may forget you took the class. Find ways to discuss, teach, review the information you want to retain. I am always amazed when people come out of a session and say I have heard that before, as if it has no value if they have heard it before. Hearing it again could be a reminder. It could be a message that even though you have heard it before you didn’t employ it. It could be a deepening of the learning or it could mean that you really need to hear it.

T + F + A = R

Anyone who has heard us speak has heard us talk about this before. If you have already heard this, please hear it differently today. We call it the results formula. It stands for Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results. Please consider this formula as you prepare for the conference this year.

Thinking! What you are thinking can and will impact what you get out of the conference. Some thoughts that can work against people are “I already know it all.” “What is this speaker going to do or say that will impress me?” “This is boring.” “I have heard this before.” Thinking about what is going on back at the club and not being present. “I doubt that I am going to get anything that is going to help me.”

Conversely, “I am committed to getting at least one great idea or awareness from every session.” “I can learn from the topics that are not exciting to me.” “This is going to be my best conference ever.” “The information I need right now is about to show up.” “I am a great learner.” “I will make this an Extraordinary Investment of time and money.”

Feelings! The feelings are the fuel that will make the difference. The feelings of excitement, anticipation, passion, joy, laughter, and fulfillment move you in the right direction. The feelings of disappointment, judgment, sadness, anger, and fear will take away from your learning. How will you feel?

Actions! If you employ thinking and feelings that support your goals, then the last piece of the puzzle is putting it into actions. Early on we learned that what we hear we forget, what we see we remember and what we do we understand. There is a great risk that what you learn will be lost if it doesn’t result in some action. What you learn is important, what you do with it is more important. You can decide to implement it, discuss it, teach it or pass it on but we hope you decide to do something that enhances your learning.

One last thing for those who are going to Conference. Booking a coaching session may be a form of education you have not experienced. If you can please book one, and if they are full, please attend a group coaching session. Please make this your best Conference yet!

Whether you are going to a conference or just going about a new day there is an Extraordinary opportunity to learn. We hope you will!


Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall are the Coaches for CMAA. To reach them and learn more please call 1-866-822-3481.

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