Board Orientation: Start With Education That Will Strengthen the Club

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08_19_14_BoardRoom - 175As a career choice, club management presents a unique set of challenges. One of the most unusual aspects is that club general managers (GMs) get a new boss every year or two due to board turnover. Over two or three decades in the business, even if he or she stays at one club, a professional club manager will work for dozens of club presidents and hundreds of board members. Many of those bosses will be strong leaders, some will be neutral influences, and then there are the others, like a president or board member who leaves you wondering whether you will lose your job or quit before the year is out. more...

Is there a Balm for the Boring Board Meeting?

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11_05_13_175wMind numbing -- excruciating -- interminable! These are just a few of the adjectives we’ve heard to describe club board meetings. And these are some of the kinder descriptors.
 Why are board meetings often so boring, unproductive or both? Is tedium a necessary ingredient in conducting the business of the board? more...

It’s All About Leadership - Board Continuity is Critical to Club Success

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 10_01_13_175wThere are many definitions of leadership, but the one that seems most applicable to the special nature of volunteer governance in private clubs is by the famed Ambassador and Statesman John Gardner, who understands leadership as follows: “To have a sense of where the organization is going and must go is the core and essence of the very best leadership”. more...

Preparing and Orienting a Club President

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8_20_2013_175wOrienting a member for being president of his or her club is something that takes some preparation and commitment. This is not something that any member should take lightly. Serving as a club president is time consuming and will impact a person’s family and business life. 
Members who take on the responsibility of the presidency do so with a commitment to give something back to an organization that is important to them.  more...

The Five Biggest Mistakes in Pitching an Idea to Your Board

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 06_11_13_175w“No!” exclaimed the second Vice President as his fist crashed onto the boardroom table. The 11 board members sat silently as the General Manager attempted to regain his composure and continue his presentation. Moments passed before he spoke. 

    “What do you mean ‘no’?” inquired the perplexed GM
    “We’re not going to spend any money on the men’s locker room,” replied the second VP angrily. more...

Board Orientations Are an Essential Step to Efficient Club Governance

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06_04_13_175wBoard Orientations are an integral part of ensuring that your volunteer leaders are engaged in your club. These orientations are the stepping stone for success. Many volunteers that serve in a leadership role have been long-time club members, but do they really know what happens behind the scenes? more...

Agronomic Plans...And How to Use Them

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August14_2012_175wJim Wyffels is an excellent golf course superintendent. He does the right things. Jim is neither lucky nor genius; Jim is prepared. He has even taught several club management executives the science and art of agronomic planning. more...

Hot Topic- Strategic Planning

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July31_2012_175wGiven the challenges in the club market these past several years, it is no surprise that Strategic Planning was the hot topic at the recent CMAA World Conference. Strategic Planning can sometimes be misunderstood our industry.  more...


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