The Executive Dashboard Part 2: Use Capital Generation KPIs to Design Your Club’s Future

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06_3_2015_175wIn Part 1 of our Executive Dashboard series, we introduced the idea of key questions for club leaders, the measures that can be used to answer those questions and the first section of the Club Benchmarking Executive Dashboard -- key performance indicators related to operating finance.

The second section of the Executive Dashboard—“Capital Generation”— is comprised of three KPIs that correlate directly to a club’s future. Read more...

Questions are the Key to KPIs - An Executive Dashboard for the Club Industry

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4_23_15_175wYou’ve heard the phrase “measure what matters,” but how do you decide what matters? The answer to that question probably varies from club to club, but the goal is still the same—to identify a set of measures that can be used to accurately assess and effectively manage performance. Deciding what to measure begins by figuring out what you want (and need) to know about your club. In Einstein’s words, you start by “determining the proper questions to ask.” Read more...

Club Managers Guide for Improving Facilities

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03_17_15_175wMaintaining attractive and efficient club facilities are an essential part of a manager’s responsibilities. Show the world attractive facilities and members will assume club success. A vigilant club manager will be the first person to notice facility deficiencies, be they front or back of the house. The manager will know the moment when normal maintenance and repair funding can no longer maintain the facility quality required for club success.  Read more...

Outside Influence

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 11_6_14_175wHospitality, mixed-use, commercial and retail design shifts reflect changing lifestyles. Will clubs follow suit? 
We often think of our clubs as oases separate from much of our everyday lives. In here, we’re away from the office, the shopping mall, the incessant checking of smart phones, the chatter of the masses. For those who plan, design and manage clubs, however, there is a risk of becoming too insular.   more...

Embraceable View - Scarsdale Renovation Maximizes…Everything

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09_04_14_175wIn the case of one of Chambers’ most recently completed projects — Scarsdale Golf Club in New York — the photos really do tell the story. Club & Resort Business magazine did a wonderful feature on the Chambers-led renovation — take a look. Now let us show you how this once-tired and underutilized structure now embodies many aspects of the Club of the Future. more...

Inside Environmental Stewardship: Making Your Clubhouse Part of the Green Team

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08_28_14_175wWater conservation. Wildlife habitat protection. Energy conservation. Waste minimization. Recycling. Green purchasing. Phrases like this were once the exception—now they’re the rule in business. “What are you doing to protect the environment?,” is an all-too-common question organizations are being asked, including clubs. The ones doing the asking are no longer just environmentalists or government agencies. It’s your staff, your club members, the wives and kids of your members and people in your community. Now more than ever, the answer to that question matters to so many more people in contact with the club. more...

Maximizing the Country Club Environment

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05_27_14_175wCountry clubs typically revolve around the outdoors and outdoor activities. As a consequence, outdoor seating and dining should be an integral part of any country club environment. Selection of the product should project comfort and style and encourage the members to enjoy the landscape, pool, yacht basin or other outside activities. Whether it be contemporary or traditional, rustic or retro; the furniture should reflect the architecture and indoor decor of the club. There are hundreds of outdoor fabrics available today which can accent any setting. more...

Avoiding Valdez – Environmental Management Training Has Value

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05_22_14_175wValdez.  Chernobyl.  Bhopal.  Say these words and images of environmental (and human) destruction come to mind—certainly with no immediate relevance for golf and country club operators, right?  In fact, they do serve as harsh reminders of a simple truth.  That is, without the proper environmental training and education for staff all of the best written environmental management plans, practices and good intentions of any business can be reduced to mere paper. more...

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