The Fine Art of Course Utilization

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2_24_15_175wThis matter recently came up with a private club client of ours that boasts a strong membership and excellent facilities. Access to the course is plentiful. By capping membership at a pre-determined level, that ready access is preserved. Indeed, it’s one of the things the membership is willing to pay for. more...

Strengthening the Game of Golf – A Millennial’s Take

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07_31_14_175wWhy does the average person first pick up a golf club? The chances are someone introduced them to the game. I know I am only a golfer because my dad loved the game and started taking me to the range when I was young. My grandfather did the same thing for my dad, and my great-grandfather before him. more...

Golf Course Communities Need to Join the Club, or Rather, the Clubhouse

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06_19_14_175wContemplating the future of golf communities in America recalls the famous line from Monty Python’s Holy Grail during the “Dead Collector Scene.”  An unfortunate peasant, mistaken for a plague-stricken villager, is carted away by the King’s guard.

“I’m not dead,” proclaims the peasant, quite reasonably. more...

Extreme Clubhouse Makeover: When to Pull the Trigger on a Renovation

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03_20_14_175wLosing members, losing revenue, under-utilized space and loss leaders -- a variety of critical situations lead operators and owners to search for solutions to stop the bleeding. For those mired in day to day operations, disrupting the flow of business with capital improvements doesn’t spring to mind. However, a clubhouse makeover can help the bottom line and boost the top by creating new revenue centers, restoring the morale of members, guests and daily fee golfers. more...

Ten Ways to Reduce Environmental Risk & Liability at the Golf Course and Clubhouse

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08_29_13_175wGolf and country clubs across the country are facing a “new normal” of reduced budgets, strained resources and the need to operate leaner and smarter.  It’s no wonder that the concept of sustainability has held fast.  After all, sustainability, in part, is about doing more with less, and there are a few key elements that, if not addressed, can crumble the very foundation of any club’s sustainability efforts, including: addressing regulatory responsibilities, managing environmental risks, containing potential environmental liabilities and minimizing the odds of an environmental incident or accident.  more...

Drive Profits with the new Cushman® Refresher® FS2™

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8_15_13_175wCushman® is pleased to introduce the Refresher® FS2™, its new food and beverage unit featuring revolutionary FlexServe Technology, a point-of-sale system developed exclusively for Cushman. 
 The Refresher® FS2™ extends any facilities clubhouse, pro shop and grill into a mobile unit focused on promoting sales and increasing profitability. more...

Golf for the Ages

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6_27_13_175w “All I learned at summer golf camp when I was a kid was a proper grip and how to stay out of the way of the grownups.” Chambers President & CEO Rick Snellinger

We’ve made our clubs kid-friendly. In some ways, kid-centric, even, with elaborate swimming complexes, dedicated programming and more versatile menus.  But are we fully engaging our youngest members in what, for many clubs, is our most valuable and impressive asset…our golf course? more...

Solar Panel Technology Provides Ray of Light in Tough Economic Times

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10_9_2012_175wIn today’s economy, where every penny of a golf club manager’s budget is scrutinized, an emerging technology is helping curb costs associated with operating a club’s golf car fleet.

Solar solutions are a great way for clubs to keep golf car costs manageable while still providing a high quality experience for members out on the golf course. more...


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